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    I have a builder coming next week to do some jobs for me. One of which is to move some internal walls for me. I have tried to draw what I am planning to have done in the attached image.

    There is an old pantry in the kitchen which I would like removed. The area marked in red is the wall I would like taken out (approx 35cm wide) and the doorway next to it moved across as well. All fairly simple.

    Sitting on top of the section of wall I would like removing is a joist that runs across to the opposite wall (shown in orange). Above that is more wall on the first floor. All the walls are solid brick construction.

    My question is does this job require building regulations approval? I have tried reading the guidance and I am not 100%.

    Many thanks for your help in advance.

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  2. All structural works need to be done to regs, in your case a Structural Engineer should sort this for you.
  3. A goodly amount of the upstairs solid brick wall sits on a wooden joist?

    Anyways, don't worry - chust let the builder get on with it. They should know what they are doing.

    This builder is known to you? Or recommended? Or has a (good) reputation?

    If so, they ain't going to do anything that'll bring the house down. 'Cos you'll sue their ***...
  4. Phil the Paver

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    It will almost certainly need the wooden joist removing and a steel fitting in it place, bringing it up to today's spec.

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