Alternative to mastic for UPVC windows?

Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by tph1, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. tph1

    tph1 Member

    Does anyone know of an alternative to mastic for UPVC windows ? I know it exists (cos I've seen it!) Basically it is a white rubber seal (maybe with a thin lead centre as it can be bent into shape), that sits in the space where the mastic normally goes. I presume mastic is inserted underneath as a secondary protection measure. The advantage is that larger, uneven gaps can be filled with a smooth finish.
  2. handcraft

    handcraft New Member

    i dont think this product exists but if you can prove me wrong i will put my hands up

  3. ginger tuffs

    ginger tuffs Screwfix Select

    i think the gear you require is normanally around a bath


    it don t exist mate mastic is the only way
  5. Mr. Handyandy

    Mr. Handyandy Screwfix Select

    You may be thinking of the 'gasket' or 'wedge' that goes round between frame and sealed unit, to seal and tighten the glass in. This can be white, but is normally black, and is not used to seal outside of frame.

    There are many trims that can be used, still mastic'ed(siliconed) on, but in some cases can be siliconed to stick on with no visible silicon seal(provided any gaps are filled first).

    Mr. Handyandy - really
  6. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    it used to be called "butyl" and yes it did come in different colours, usually grey, black, brown or required some skill to knock up and apply, but was ideal for unevan rebates.
  7. tph1

    tph1 Member

    Thanks for telling me something I HAVE SEEN doesnt exist.

    I also haven't seen Angelina Jolies t*ts, the bottom of the Atlantic ocean, and Prince live in concert. Do these not exist either?

    Will have a search for this butyl stuff, thanks
  8. handcraft

    handcraft New Member

    no need to be an **** i clearly said you could prove me wrong and you did so why cant you just be happy

  9. tph1

    tph1 Member

    Well, considering I state quite clearly in the original post “I know it exists (cos I've seen it!)”, in the hope to pre-empt any witless, numb-skull comments that tell me to the contrary, it should be of no surprise that FOREST DECORATORS “it don t exist mate” and your “i dont think this product exists”, replies have irritated.

    If you bothered to read the original post properly, I had proved you wrong before you'd even replied.
  10. jackts

    jackts New Member

    No need to spit out the dummy chummy. he said he would hold up his hands.

    Anyway, it sounds as if you had the answer before posting the question.
  11. handcraft

    handcraft New Member

    he has the right hump bit of banter mate dont bring your problems on here

  12. enjay

    enjay New Member

    I know exactly what you mean, Staybrite windows ( now Bowater windows) used it, but their frame profile was specially designed for it. The frame profile had a slot near the outer edge on the outside face, the seal was a flexible rubber (probably neoprene) which had a rigid leg on the back siimilar to some doorframe draught excluders which was hammered into the frame slot. Yes it was backed up with silicone behind. The theory was that it gave a neater appearance than silicone (or in your words "mastic") applied by a fitter with all the skills of a drunken baboon.

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