Am I being cheated?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Baguchi, Nov 29, 2021.

  1. Baguchi

    Baguchi New Member

    Hi all,

    Homeowner asking for some advice here.

    Basically, my house has a bit of a slope and I asked some joiners to give me a quote to fix it. Since it will require extensive work, they wanted to do a survey of the flooring of the house, to look for some joists, etc.

    I was told that they would have to survey loads of places and it would take them the best part of the day.

    However, at the end, they only had to survey a couple of areas and took only 1.5 hours to do their thing. No additional materials were required to patch up areas where they had been.

    I have been sent the invoice which apparently covers for the entire day rate and materials- around £400.

    Am I right to be think that this is fishy?
  2. Severntrent

    Severntrent Screwfix Select

    All depends what you agreed at the outset day rate or hourly rate or indeed any rate
  3. Notnowvicar

    Notnowvicar Active Member

    Errr £400 to do a put level on floor pack up to level and work out if firrings or sistering the joists was required took £400.....can I come to your house please.
  4. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    Like you, I wouldn't be too happy at the cost.

    However, if they achieved what they quoted you for, regardless of time taken I'm not sure you have much comeback.

    Assuming they were honest, they likely quoted on the worst case scenario and it ended up being a lot easier.
  5. Perhaps ask them to discount from the cost to fix? I suspect it won't mean much in reality but might make you feel better
  6. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    AS you were told it would take the best part of a day, and it didn't, then I think there is some room for negotiation... but perhaps not much...
    2 men, for half a day... what's that really worth... bearing in mind they they have "allocated" a day to do the job.

    Might be worth querying it, in a friendly way!


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