American fridge freezer cable to short

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Peter lee, Sep 25, 2021.

  1. Bogle Crag

    Bogle Crag Screwfix Select

    Just had a look at my washing machine instructions and they sat "do not use an extension or multi adaptor" "leads can only be replaced by our engineers"
  2. pppmacca43

    pppmacca43 Super Member

    All washing machines aren’t supposed to be used with an extension lead, I remember that from when I wanted to use one in my last house with a new machine. I’ve no idea why, but my machine is on an extension lead at the moment in my new house.
  3. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

    A washing machine uses more power than a fridge/freezer. With a WM there is more risk of the power exceeding the limit of an extension cable, or of the power combined with that of another appliance being too high.
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  4. pppmacca43

    pppmacca43 Super Member

    Thought it might be that, when the machine is heating the water it draws a lot of power?
  5. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

    A longer term solution would be to run a 2.5mm2 T+E spur from the existing socket to a new socket positioned to suit the fridge/freezer. Then you wouldn’t have a repetition of the problem if the fridge/freezer was replaced in the future.
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  6. Comlec

    Comlec Screwfix Select

    That statement is good general advice and has nothing to do with warranty.
    A correctly rated extension lead with a single socket is a perfectly acceptable way of supplying a piece of equipment in the absence of a fixed wiring solution.
  7. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    Robets suggestion of a spur is sound. A short extension is a good call too.
    The main objection to extensions by manufacturers is that many trailing sockets are frankly carp, with flimsy contacts not up to delivering high currents. I normally make up short extensions using either a Duraplug trailing socket (which is a good quality product) and 1.5 flex or a metalclad single socket and stuffing gland and the same 1.5 flex.
  8. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    I have cut lots of moulded plugs off appliances when doing kitchen refits and never had any problems with warranty issues. Providing you are a registered electrician there is no issue. I very much doubt there would be a problem even if you are not.
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