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    Need some advice on fitting around 4m square of Amtico Signature flooring. My sister has had a major falling out with a builder and they have agreed to end the contract. Most of a conservatory extension has been built and almost finished except the last bit of flooring. Unfortunately my sister is a little hot headed and could not wait until the flooring was finished, hence the builder stopped 4m short. I have fitted some Amtico as a diyer in my old kitchen, but that was years ago when the adhesive was solvent based! Times moved on, but I think I can manage the last bit of flooring and finish the otherwise good job the builder did.
    I will be using Amtico HT adhesive on the conservatory floor that was levelled with a self levelling compound by the previous builder. Nothing has ever been put on top of it whatsoever. What is the recommendation for a primer I can use prior to tiling? Eg. PVA, diluting ratio or another product. I don't know anything about the floor other than it's flat and light grey. Unsure if anything has been put on it before. Should I leave altogether and tile straight onto it, or is there a something that will do no harm, doesn't matter if makes no difference not to use.
    The nail heads are sunken into the ply and there are two joins. I've spoken to a chap who sells Amtico and he said feather finish over the nail heads and gap, then go over the whole lot with F Ball stopgap p131. Sounds good to me, but would like some other opinions. Thanks

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