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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by bright_Spark, May 20, 2023.

  1. bright_Spark

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    So as an influencer and general internet sensation my latest tour is going ahead thanks to some pretty big sponsors.
    It is an audience with me where not only do you get to meet me but you will be able to ask questions about me which I will answer for you.
    There will be a slide show of me with interesting stories of me working all over the world and showing off my robots and my mad skills.
    I will also be available for selfies and because of my sponsors this will all be free of charge.
    Register your interest for a limited seat at this amazing event with a comment below.
  2. MikeByfield

    MikeByfield Active Member

    You’re having a giraffe mate…..
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  3. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    Honest this is a serious event, 3 in total.
  4. MikeByfield

    MikeByfield Active Member

    Nah you’re just clucking about.. surely..
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  5. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    No I do these regularly at Universities. I decided to offer a few places to members of this forum as I know there will be disapointment if I do not let some of the tickets go for my fans.
  6. Nutty as a fruit cake!
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  7. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    I will take that as you want to book a place?
  8. MikeByfield

    MikeByfield Active Member

    If he tried it he’d end up with egg on his face, that’s for sure
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  9. bright_Spark

    bright_Spark Screwfix Select

    Another place required?
  10. Mad cow disease has made the genetic leap.
  11. Do we need to fly to the venue and are you putting us up in a hen coup?
  12. Alan22

    Alan22 Screwfix Select

    Will there be canape's?
  13. MikeByfield

    MikeByfield Active Member

    Eggs Benedict and omelettes
  14. Alan22

    Alan22 Screwfix Select

    Miniature omelette canape's? count me in:)
  15. Do you hire Spurn bird observatory for the event?
  16. just pumps

    just pumps Screwfix Select

    Do the doctors know he has escaped?
  17. MikeByfield

    MikeByfield Active Member

    Trying to catch him would be a wild goose chase and they’re too chicken for it.
  18. koolpc

    koolpc Super Member

    I heard its being staged in a 2 man tent in his garden!
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  19. robertpstubbs

    robertpstubbs Screwfix Select

    Eggs From Alcatraz
  20. sparky steve

    sparky steve Screwfix Select

    bright_Spark calls Bazza-spark and says,

    "Please come over here and help me. I have a killer jigsaw puzzle, and I can't figure out how to get started."
    Bazza-spark asks, "What is it supposed to be when it's finished?"
    bright_Spark says, "According to the picture on the box, it's a rooster."

    Bazza-spark decides to go over and help with the puzzle.
    bright_Spark lets him in and shows him where he has the puzzle spread all over the table.

    Bazza-spark studies the pieces for a moment, then looks at the box, then turns to bright_Spark and says,

    "First of all, no matter what we do, we're not going to be able to assemble these pieces into anything resembling a rooster."
    and "Secondly, I want you to relax.

    Let's have a nice cup of tea, then..... with a deep sigh" ............Bazza-spark says,

    "Let's put all these Corn Flakes back in the box”.:p

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