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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by kiteboy, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hi all

    As you can see from other posts here my kitchen build is now comming on slowly. Now the bit im thinking about today is the undermount stainless steel sink

    I did buy 18mm ply and a router ready for the sink to fit in - however I cut straight through the ply today so will need to buy some more!!! The reason I cut straight through the ply was the positioning of the sink template - basically I moved it back too far (I think)

    Anyway my question really is how far back from the kitchen cabinet edge should an undermount sink start

    We are having quartz worktops so i take it you have to leave maybe 4 inches maybe from the edge of the cabinet or is that from the edge of the quartz??

    Also should the tap be wholly positioned in the sink carcass and what I mean by that is that in the back of the cabinet there is a back support rail (which I part cut by mistake too)

    Surely the tap shouldnt be positioned behind that bar as it would mean that any changing of the tap would be very difficult indeed

    Sorry for asking questions again but youve been life savers so far....hope the above makes sense to someone

    Thanks again
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    I always put sinks back as far as I can. Like you say tails of tap have got to be inside cabinet and plumbers will need a bit of clearance to work. Sometimes this also interferes with sink clips but guess not in your case. Try not to cut back rail of carcass any more.
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    Most underslung sink cutouts would start about 64mm from the front edge of the worktop. Assuming a 40mm overhang, that would give you a final distance of 55mm from the front edge of the worktop to the front edge of the underslung sink. To be able to give the sink itself a 9mm overhang.
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