Another newbie insulation testing question...

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Beacon, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Coloumb

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    It's totally ludicrous. He makes such an issue out of it and when he does it, it's a different story. *shakes head and walks away*.
  2. Bazza-spark

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    He has double standards Col. Last week he was going to let a poor soul starve because the cooker circuit didn;t comply with "his" Regulations.

    The man/woman/non specific gender person really needs to get a life.

    Kind regards
  3. Coloumb

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    Indeed. You would expect someone who thinks he is "superior" to actually make the bloody effort to be so. Jokes.
  4. Comlec

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    It’s just a bit disappointing that not everyone comes here with a desire to be helpful and informative to others who are in need of encouragement, advice and support.

    We learn by helping. I use this forum as part of my own CPD.
  5. Bazza-spark

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    I could tolerate his "superior" attitude if he was to give genuine, live in the real world advice like the rest of us try to do.

    I know we dont always get it right, and most of us admit that. It is this constant "Holier than thou" attitude and I cant recall when he actually gave proper advice and help to anybody. I have looked at his history and pretty much every post is critical.

    Sometimes I fell sorry for him, not being able to give sensible advice. Then I sober up and see him for the stupid person that he is.

    Kind regards
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  6. Coloumb

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    I notice he's slunk off now.
  7. Bazza-spark

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    So do I.

    I work in a factory so havent done domestic for about 30 years. This forum helps me keep up with what is the latest on domestic.

    With 40+ years experience in the trade, 14th Edition, 15th, 16th, 17th and now 18th qualifications along with 2391 plus goodness knows what others I find the lack of constructive comments and help along with the insults from this person who has signed declarations to become a "professional engineer" wholly against his vows.

    He really needs to look at his positions.

    Kind regards
  8. spinlondon

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    Set up to do the global test again.
    Turn off main switch.
    Turn off all MCBs.
    If the result of the test is poor, start removing Neutrals until you get a good result.
    If you get a good result, start turning on the MCBs until you get a poor test result again, or all the MCBs are turned back on.
    Then start re-connecting the neutrals you removed earlier.
    If while turning on the MCBs, you get a poor result, turn that MCB off and continue turning the MCBs back on with the next MCB.
    Eventually, you should be able to find the bad circuit(s).
  9. Beacon

    Beacon Member

    Thanks for your input all - sorry for igniting a point of contention.

    Coulumb - Am I ready for EICR? Well, they are challenging and its very early days for me but, if I have amended/extended various circuits throughout a property, or replaced a CU - the level of testing is very similar and will involve the same kind of fault finding as a full EICR.

    Bazza - thanks for your reference on how to do the test. I have been doing pretty much exactly as described, dissecting what I do to try and fathom if its the way I'm doing it (my suspicion as I'm new to it) or a fault I haven't found during the preceding tests.

    SpinLondon - thanks, thats very helpful as a fault finding technique, I'll try it as soon as I can.
  10. Bazza-spark

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    Good luck. Come back and let us know how it goes. Don't worry about the argument, you will see plenty on here lol.

    Kind regards
  11. Risteard

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    Well anyone who denies that the cpc must be connected to the means of Earthing for the installation simply doesn't know what they are talking about and is contradicting and contravening the IEE Wiring Regulations (aka the IET Wiring Regulations). (Contrary to what some will suggest both names are valid, and the IEE remains a brand of the IET.)
  12. Bazza-spark

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    In your eyes!
  13. Coloumb

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    Anyone who picks up on someone else's typos and then makes their own is contradicting and contravening their own standards let alone the regs! Where's your self respect?
  14. spinlondon

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    Don’t know why there’s all this rubbish?
    Yes the CPC should be connected to the installation earthing when conducting an IR test to determine whether the cable is fit for use.
    Yes the CPC can be disconnected from the installation earthing when conducting an IR test, if this facilitates fault finding.
  15. Beacon

    Beacon Member

    I'm back. And no further on :(

    Concentrating on the power ring finals and lighting, even with all the conductors from a circuit disconnected I'm still getting very low readings on the IR test. I've started by linking L & N and testing to earth to avoid damaging accessories of which I'm unaware, then tried E-L, E-N and L-N at 100v to see if I can find a way forward - all give very low readings.

    Isolator is off. Have tried removing main install earthing from MET - no difference.

    This is for an ECIR, and yes it's pushing my boundaries experience-wise, but logic is logic and electrons are electrons...

    As there are so many bad readings I figure I MUST be doing something stupid/wrong. But what??
  16. Coloumb

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    Did you try as per post 28?
  17. Risteard

    Risteard Well-Known Member

    I thought I'd made it very clear that the cpcs MUST NOT be disconnected during insulation testing.
  18. Beacon

    Beacon Member

    I understand why they should not be disconnected during IR testing (multiple paths etc) but I disconnected them to do a raw test on the cabling of the circuits to try and get ANY sort of meaningful reading...
  19. Coloumb

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    Did you, or did you not, do as per post 28? No one can help you until you have confirmed this.
  20. peter palmer

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    I have tested loads of installations over the years, on many occasions I have got **** readings and the explanation in every case has been **** wiring.

    Discounting the fact you might be reading the test meter backwards and you are testing the circuits with the live and neutral in isolation then if the readings are bad then you have faulty circuits -

    Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes

    Working this out is the easy bit, now you have to find the faults.

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