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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Shedmen, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. Shedmen

    Shedmen New Member

    Is your new scribing tool for worktops a different radius to that of the basic perfect butt tool?

  2. andy@trend

    andy@trend New Member

    Hi Shedmen,

    Yes you are correct, the Offset Scriber is a different diameter to the standard Perfect Butt which comes with three larger rings.


  3. Wayne K

    Wayne K New Member

    I do not see this on Trend's website, has it been discontinued or do you now supply the correct size ring for the Perfect Butt.
    It states the smallest ring as being 29mm, correct me if I'm wrong but this would give an offset of 14.5mm as opposed to 8.5mm needed for a worktop jig.
    Also how fast can these wheels be changed as I would intend to use it for more than just scribing worktops & is it a just a regular pencil that fits inside?
    I have always where practical fitted my tops from left to right cutting the female in the left top, to allow me mark the male side from below, reason being I can always see my pencil mark, but I see in the illustration
    that the tops have been fitted from right to left with the female on the right hand worktop, when marking the male joint, how do you see the pencil marks if the worktops are black which is very common these days (I've never tried these white pencils though).
    As I said I normally mark underside of the male working left to right so I can see the pencil marks irrespective of colour, but as it is not always possible to get access from below to use the scribing tool at 90degrees due to top rails of cabinets, unaccessible corners etc.
    I am considering buying one just to save measuring off my marks, but £30 is a lot for a pencil which will only work in a few situations, can you clarify or correct me on my points?

  4. andy@trend

    andy@trend New Member

    Hi Wayne Kerr,

    You can find the Offset Scribe here:

    The Perfect Butt is supplied with 1 x Pencil,1 x Body,1 x 29mm Wheel,1 x 50mm Wheel,1 x 70mm Wheel,1 x 90mm Wheel, as you suggest the smallest wheel being 29mm is not suitable for jig scribing.

    The wheels simply push on and off of the Perfect Butt, the pencil supplied as standard can be replaced with an ordinary pencil of the same size.

    Which direction the tops are fitted is down to personal preference and most fitters have their own opinion, for marking on the worktop surface I tend to use 50mm masking tape to mark onto.

    The perfect Butt is for many scribing applications in general and is made to the standards that you would expect from Trend offering exellent value(in my unbiased opinion)

    If you are just looking to scribe for the joint offset then it's the Offset Scriber that you require which is around half the price.


  5. handcraft

    handcraft New Member

    i use the trend offset worktop scribe it is a great bit of kit lee

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