Another screw/bolt type???

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  1. Anyone know what you call this type of bolt/screw?

    Swapping the fridge door swing and the other side has smaller hole and there’s no way of drilling it bigger due to the plastic moulding being in the way.

    Need to buy a smaller version of this type of screw...

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  2. WillyEckerslike

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    The hinge should reverse and use the same set screw. Is there not a pin that engages in the top mount?
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  3. KIAB

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    spot on.:)
  4. Yes I’ve done that. It’s a manufacturing fault with the fridge - the original side the hole is a lot bigger and you can see they machined it bigger as an after thought...not sure if you can see the difference in the picture

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  5. DIYDave.

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    Usually a nylon bush that sits over pin/bolt and goes through hole in door lining

    If door moulding pivots directly against that bolt, will soon wear and enlarge hole, leading to a wobbly door

    Look at ‘eSpares’ on line
    Millions of parts for millions of appliances. Have model and serial number to hand and take a look. May have to buy complete hinge assembly but might be best option
  6. KIAB

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    Take the plastic bush out from one hole & stick in the other hole other end, if there a balnk plug then stick that in hole were you removed bush.

  7. kitfit1

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    When reversing doors on fridges and freezers the norm is just to move the top mounting to the bottom on the oposite side and bottom mounting to the the top. That is all that should be involved.
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