anti condensation paint.

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by sammy toaster, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    has anyone experience of this product,pushed by various companys?
  2. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Not me, but it sounds like a complete load of tosh. I mean, what is it supposed to do? Prevent condensation?

    Who makes it, Sammy? I'd like to read the blurb to see what they say. It sounds to me like the co called Kitchen and bathroom paints which are supposed to be better than 'normal' paints (at a much higher price of course) or the so called 'microporous' paints

    Bet they don't do it in the Trade range
  3. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    BB, it's different to 'kitchen and bathroom' paints which are simply designed to be more water resistant.

    I think you'll find it on most DIY 'shed' shelves. However, I've no idea whether it works, or how it's supposed to work.

    I've always been curious, tho'! I wonder if it has some kind of insulating properties, so that the wall it's applied to has a slightly 'warmer' surface?

    Perhaps worth contacting the manufacturers?

    My best guess is that it'll help a tiny bit, but certainly won't be a miracle cure (or else it would be used everywhere!).
  4. Goodwill

    Goodwill Member

    Sammy Toaster,

    Anti-condensation paints have been around a very long time and have been used extensively in ships to minimise the effect of condensation from steel bulkheads and partitions etc.

    Many of these paints usually consisted of an absorbent material, such as cork, suspended in a suitable emulsion. These days the insulating component is often tiny hollow glass beads.

    They are effective, but don't expect a product that has been produced for general application to be as efficient as full cavity wall insulation.
  5. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    ah,used in ships,iwas wondering why "international paints" manufactured it, they are famous for their yacht varnish.

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