anti silicone drops anyone?

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by mospray, Apr 16, 2004.

  1. mospray

    mospray New Member

    I usually spray paint,on-site and in situ;eg:shops and garages,as a concequence have to deal with many unidentifiable,so called cleaning agents customers use,but my worst is silicone,any tips would be app.
  2. Plumbcrazy

    Plumbcrazy New Member

    You want to try spraying next door to an injection moulder.... damn silicone release spray!!!!

    Sorry no tips though.
  3. Castle Decor

    Castle Decor New Member

    I have been told many times that baby wipes help In cleaning off silocon .

    it might just help in small areas
  4. dewaltdisney

    dewaltdisney New Member

    A pal in the silicone moulding business told me that methylated spirits will help remove silicone. I tried it on few spots of mastic that got on my shower frame and it seemed to do it okay but this was off alluminium.

    I have also seen silicone remover in B&Q in the mastics
    section. The print was too small for me to read as Mrs D was not there to lend me her specs!!

    Worth a look when you are in there next

  5. mercman

    mercman New Member

    If you go to an automotive paint supplier you can get an additive to put in the paint before you spray it. You only need a couple of drops in a pot full. I used to use it occasionally when I had my auto repair business. Sorry, can't remember what it cost though.
  6. mercman

    mercman New Member

    Just thought, if you're after removing the silicone before you paint then auto paint suppliers also have a panel wipe/degreaser that completely removes silicone.

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