Any reason my plaster isn't drying

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Millsplumb, Dec 6, 2021.

  1. Millsplumb

    Millsplumb New Member

    Had my wall plastered and they finished 3 Fridays ago so it's had 2 weeks to dry but a certain patch isn't drying.

    It has had

    2 coats render
    2 coats tanking
    1 more coat render

    Where its not dried is a North facing outside wall about 2-3 foot thick.

    I had a heater in here ticking over at 19-20⁰c

    Could it just be that the wall is really cold so drying slower. I've got the carpet fitter coming a week today so could do with getting the skirting fitted but obviously can't until it's fully dry.
  2. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    It's a cold spot on the wall, try introducing a de humidifier as well as the heater.
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  3. MRY

    MRY Active Member

    A friend of mine had a house done up, the wall was freshly plastered and ever so wet. He had heaters and several dehumidifiers for a couple of weeks, and it was not getting any better until he applied a "damp meter". It looked, but was not, wet. Hm?
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  4. DaveF

    DaveF Active Member

    Do you have a floor standing fan? I find that just blasting such areas with air helps a lot. It directly warms up a cold spot.
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  5. Millsplumb

    Millsplumb New Member

    I have got one, we have been using a floor standing electric heater.

    It is quite a big spot though. Approx 3 mtrs long 2-3 ft high.

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