Anybody fitted Hotpoint HM315NI Integrated Fridge/Freezer

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by CosRush, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    The installation instructions are very vague, but I have some white (trim pieces?) left over and no mention of them on the instructions.

    If anybody can help i'll post up some pics of them.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Mr C, this FF is proving troublesome

    A few descriptions or pics will help.
  3. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    Yes it has been a little bit. But thanks to your help so far it is at least fitted nicely.

    Its just these bits left over and no mention of them in the instructions.

    I have 5x pieces in total.

    1. A flat white piece of plastic approx. 3" long. It has 3x holes of approx 9mm and 2 smaller ones of approx. 5mm.
    The holes are spaced such that from one end there is a small hole, then next to it the larger one. Then a gap. then larger hole with smaller hole next to it. then big gap to the end where the last bigger hole is.

    2. a 1 3/4" white plastic piece, half round in shape with a half domed end.

    3. a small metal bracket which has a shallow curved bend in the middle. it has 2x 4mm holes on one side and a single hole centrally on the other.

    4. A white plastic piece that appears to fit the above metal bracket. It is flat with rounded corners and a recess that matches the metal bracket.

    5. A white plastic almost belt buckle shaped piece, that may also fit along with the metal bracket and the trim piece.

    Any idea's???

    I can always post up some pics it if helps.
  4. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

  5. bernieeccles

    bernieeccles Member

    If I remember correctly, No1 goes underneath the bracket that secures to the side of the cabinet, a spacer.

    The doomed piece is a cover piece for something,

    The rest, I always junk ! because like you I don't have a clue. Fitted loads of these and never used them.
  6. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    Any advancement on where the parts actually go???
  7. Sorry to say I think the Berbie is right.

    I would hazard a guess that parts 3 and 5 interlace but what they do is beyond me.

    Parts 2 and 4 are cover slips, just look around and see what they might do.

    Part 1 is a packer, the hole positions should line up with something, but it's installed and everthing is solid and the cabinet sides are straight then you don't need it.

    I think that the folk that pack up the hardware bags chuck in extra bits just to leave you worrying that they are required and you missed something vital, no doubt you have plenty of screws etc. they won't fit anywhere they just spare.

    Chuck them away if you can't see somewhere obvious to fit them.
  8. CosRush

    CosRush New Member

    Thanks again for the replies.

    I'll keep them in a drawer in the garage in case I or aybody else does ever find they do actually fit somewhere.


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