Anyone else suffering?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by BiancoTheGiraffe, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. welshblue

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    Same as my past thinking ... but 2 years of treatment for PTSD and it's a very useful tool to have in your mental locker.

    My wife has kept me sane by all the times I've had to answer the door to Amazon deliveries ... also thinking outside of the box to try and recycle things now the centres are shut. Music. Art/ Graphic design and started writing a book which will never see the light of day.

    2 old chairs made into a chelf to stop the missis from spending stupid money for chipboard just for the airing cupboard

  2. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    I can't... I'm a woman...

    And you're an idiot so please go away
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    moi ?

    only asking because the comment is after m y post.
  4. Astramax

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    The Troll is in action once again!
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  5. BiancoTheGiraffe

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    I wish a "deleted post" marker appeared when the moderators removed a troll!

    Wasn't aimed at you Welshblue!

    Nice idea with the chairs!
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  6. #BungitBob

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    Between Christmas and New Year I put together a slideshow of photos from the good times this year (Not many and mostly from the summer when we could get out) It showed that although it was a **** year in general we still managed to have some laughs. It also reminded us of how good the summer is over winter. Something to look forward to.
  7. Bob Rathbone

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    Boris and Co tell us their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Let's just hope that it is not a train coming. :)
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  8. b4xtr

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    very cheery :)
  9. Okoak

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    It can't be right anyway because you can't do a U turn in a tunnel, you can only plough on blindly.......Oh hang on ....
  10. Joe95

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    I struggled during the first lockdown, lost a lot of work and watched as the finances went downhill. Wasn't eligible for any of the support.
    Then, around July, the work came back with a vengeance, the diary is now full for this year. I'm quite luckily compared to many.

    I have stopped watching the TV and listening to as much radio. The doom mongering will just get you down. I've started listening to podcasts over the last few months.
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  11. Bob Rathbone

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    When you watch telly and listen to the radio you may notice how statistics are presented. Only this morning figures were given in percentages and fractions, mixed in the same subject, this is to confuse us so we can't reliably track what's going on. Also consider what is not being said, we have not been given figures for the 'R' number recently, this must mean it is steady or falling. Corona Virus is real and it is a danger to us all, we must take precautions to prevent it spreading, but the Government's approach with mixed messaging and an attempt to hide data feeds the conspiracy theorist idiots out there. 'Give us the data and we will finish the job' Apologies to W S Churchill.
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  12. Hans_25

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    I'm with your there Bob. I heard something from the great Thomas Sowell recently i.e. when arguing with those on the left he would pose three questions:
    - compared to what?
    - at what cost?
    - what is your evidence/data to support your position?

    The first is really a great question, so when the Government are spouting statistics about the number of deaths of ICU/Hospitalisation etc. they never show what would be expected at this time of year i.e. the normal number of deaths expected during winter from Flu etc, how full the hospitals are.
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  13. jimbobby

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    Two words of wisdom.
    Ivor Cummins.
    look him up.
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