Anyone recognise this Tap? How do I take it apart?!!!

Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by PandzaMan, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. PandzaMan

    PandzaMan New Member

    So loooonnng story short-ish. We have a dripping tap. It’s been this way for a while and has slowly got worse (Like Chinese water torture). It’s almost definitely the cartridge. I pride myself of being pretty handy with tools and being able to come up with solutions to tricky problems, however this tap has me stumped!

    Some people with say just get a new tap but this tap was ‘expensive’ and if all it needs it a new cartridge then I’ll destroy it trying to get it open before I buy a new one ☝️.

    So I’ve tried using one of those boa strap spanners and nope, I’ve tried using a two pin angle grinder spanner... (see photos) and nope. I’ve even taken the tap to my local engineering firm who strapped it into a vice and and had a two pin spanner that fitted and even they couldn’t open the thing?!?

    So far, short of heating it with a blow torch (no doubt would melt the cartridge) or soaking it in some descaler and go again I’m a bit lost.

    I did buy the tap originally back in 2007 but unfortunately the kitchen fitter threw out any information/ instructions that would’ve come with it so I’m clueless as to what brand or model of tap it is? And can’t remember where I bought it from?

    Any help is very very very welcome , suggestions of how to open, how to free it up or even a better place to go to get advice?

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  2. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    After 13 years it's time for a new one.
    If you really want to get it apart heat it with a blow torch ,then take a stilson wrench to it.
  3. Riddor

    Riddor Member

    looks like a key same as a grinder needed try that in the two lugs on top holding tap in rag with some stillys
  4. PandzaMan

    PandzaMan New Member

    Yes 13 years is a long time I suppose! But the tap is a stainless steel tap and was expensive . Seems kind of ridiculous to have to throw a tap out just because I can‘t undo it . That said for my sanity I may have to just bin it. Currently soaking in a tub of descaler and boiling water
  5. PandzaMan

    PandzaMan New Member

    Yeah tried that already... in fact I took it to my local metal works and I had three of the guys standing around scratching their chins after wresting with it having clamped it and used a grinder spanner. Am not sure putting a rag round would help with a Stillson Pipe wrench? Isn’t the idea of the wrench that it has opposing facing tenth to bite into the metal. That said I don’t have one ☹️ otherwise I’d give it a go - the cap would cover any marks

    This may sound stupid but this type of fitting is lefty loosey, right tighty ‍♂️... erm
  6. Riddor

    Riddor Member

    no hold the tap with the still put rag on to stop marks but you sound like you know

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