Anyone use DIY Kitchens?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by 14th edition, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    There is no comparison in quality between DIY Kitchens and Howdens or B&Q

    DIY Kitchens ones are much much better.

    I am in and out of Howdens all the time for doors etc. They offer me crazy crazy prices to try to get me to buy my kitchens off them. Happy sticking with DIY because of the quality.
  2. xifwercs

    xifwercs Member

    Are DIY kitchens different to b and q? There's me thinking they were the same... Probably as b and qs website is DIY. Anyway mines from B and Q, no complaints from the quality.
  3. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    But your kitchen does look good. Nice job.
  4. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    I think you are confusing and is b&q is a firm up Yorkshire way.
  5. xifwercs

    xifwercs Member

    Ah right, not far from me, I would have checked them out if I'd have known. .
    Thanks, the below photo was the 'kitchen before' when i bought the house. Still cant get a trade account from screwfix though, spend literally thousands there :( Screenshot_2018-07-28-09-57-17.jpg
  6. Forshstar

    Forshstar New Member

    We've just used DIY Kitchens for the first time 5 months ago and the service from start to finish was exceptional.

    Their design tool is really good. Even if you don't go with them I'd use it to help plan the kitchen.
  7. diy_nixy

    diy_nixy Active Member

    Seem like this message was added by a "new member", perhaps even someone from DIY-kitchens themselves?? Who knows...Also noticed its a old post for some reason.
  8. diy_nixy

    diy_nixy Active Member

    By the way, you wont find any bad reviews about on twitter or facebook because they remove the review and then also block you from making any further comments.
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  9. Forshstar

    Forshstar New Member

    Have you had a bad experience with them? Since I posted that we've actually had a few problems with a second kitchen I ordered for my parents. Plus, they changed their delivery packages so the option that was originally £150 (which we chose) dropped to £99 but they wouldn't change us to that rate. I guess 10 people could use them and all have different experiences, but they've gone down slightly in my estimation after this order.
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  10. Forshstar

    Forshstar New Member

    It's an old post but it ranks on Google if you search for 'diy kitchens reviews' which is how I found it and how thousands of other people will be finding it. Worth reviving with some more up to date info IMO.
  11. ravanscroft

    ravanscroft New Member

    I used them and fitted myself - DIYer. You have to unpack and check all the items for wrong/damaged. Door and end panel was damaged - and they turned around replacements in a few days. Don't leave them to sit - check em soon after delivery. Quality is good and they have the best range of sizes/types I have seen. I have a Gloss finish - looks lovely - but seems soft like it could be easily damaged. Probably wooden doors for next project.
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  12. GrahamTaylor

    GrahamTaylor Member

    I have used them about 10 times over the years. All been good. Along the way there were a couple of problems and they have responded really well each time.

    One of the things I used to really like was that they could make non-standard carcase sizes. As they have got bigger (result of being consistently good) they have become less flexible and are no longer willing to do weird sizes. Also the customer support has become a bit more 'institutionalised' - again a result of increased volumes I am sure. That has dropped them from 'exceptional' to 'very good and better than all the big players'.
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  13. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    I like the quality. I wish the depth was as much as Ikea....
  14. Auntie

    Auntie New Member

    Our first DIYKitchens kitchen will arrive this week.
    GOOD BITS - Had a well known high street company design our 4 x 3m kitchen which was estimated at £20,000+ with installation, which would have cost far more using credit in the end - stupid money for our small house. Found DIYKitchens and used their design graph to draw up similar plan and cost it all up which was all fairly easy to do. Then I saved hard to reach £7000 as this was my initial estimate but the electrician cost is more than anticipated so total refurb will come in at no more than £7500. As the units come fully assembled including doors we will fit the kitchen ourselves. I have saved lots of money by shopping around for appliances and tap and will do the same for tiles. Bought a double drainer sink on sale for £10 in Wickes! I got scammed though buying a double oven on line but luckily my bank refunded me the money (so beware!).
    BAD BIT - Now that the old kitchen is removed, I realise a bit late, that the water inlet pipe, connectors and stop tap are not going to fit into the 42mm service gap at the back of the pan drawer unit beneath the hob :( and a gas pipe, water and waste pipes and connectors are not going to fit behind an integrated washing machine as there will only be 30mm gap for these. Now I have to engage a gas registered plumber to come an see if anything can be done about it, so will probably have to wait weeks and pay heavily. Luckily I've not bought an integrated washing machine yet. Plan b for washing machine is to keep our old free standing one but there is no plan b for the water inlet pipe, connectors and stop tap :(
    These are things an amateur DIYer get caught out on :(
  15. Nomenklatura

    Nomenklatura Active Member

    No good at all.
  16. Nomenklatura

    Nomenklatura Active Member

    I'm contemplating mix'n'match.

    Ikea wall units, to get 355mm useable depth, and (e.g.) Howdens base units to get a service void.
  17. WillyEckerslike

    WillyEckerslike Screwfix Select

    I don't know about this pairing but you may end up altering the hinge locations on one of the brand's cabinets assuming you'll use the same doors. I've definitely come across compatibility issues between Howdens and another brand but I didn't know what the other brand was.
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  18. Nomenklatura

    Nomenklatura Active Member

    Yo - hinge locations would need checking, although if they are different, unless they are only a tiny bit different, it's no biggie to drill new holes in the carcasses to fit the other make doors.

    But depending on style and colour, even mixing the doors is an option. I saw a kitchen once with doors in 2 shades of grey - lighter up top, darker on the base units, and it looked very good. It would mean (probably) a slab door, and the same high gloss or flat matte finish, but it's not an option which I have entirely discounted yet.

    And of course thickness would need to be exactly the same or there'd be issues with tall units.

    I'm sure if I told (e.g. Howdens) they could sell me extra doors if they tell me where the hinges are they would oblige. ;)
  19. Nick Adams

    Nick Adams New Member

    Diy Kitchens have really gone downhill since we last used them. Kitchen is fine, delivery appalling absolute joke. Because it was due for delivery the week before Bank Holiday the building site was going to be closed on the Sunday. So I enquired what day it might arrive and was assured I'd get a text on Thursday evening saying it would either be Friday or Saturday. Text didn't come, I contacted them on the Friday to be told if I didn't accept it whenever it arrived they'd take it back, charge for storage and redelivery! Delivery had been changed to Sat/Sunday. Because I'd complained to the rude transport woman she obviously changed it to the very last delivery on Sunday night, 9.10pm. I had to pay for someone to be there both sat and Sun and had to go through it all again when they'd missed off a unit. Couldn't fault the helpful. When they realised there was a unit missing they said "what, again!??" Rubbish and would be reluctant to use on the rest of my 16 further units!
  20. dray

    dray Active Member

    Shame you had such a bad experience but in fairness I have just had the opposite with them. From the order right through to the delivery and follow up they have been really great. The only minor thing I would fault them on they were a bit slow refunding the sample deposits but other than that they were superb.

    I was a bit hesitant, but based on recs from here I went with them as in the past I have used all of the big high street suppliers and had nothing but trouble and paid at least twice the price.

    No excuse for their rudeness but shame if you have to go elsewhere if you were happy with the quality. Perhaps worth a complaint and let them know you want another 26 kitchens and see what they say?

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