anyone used Elastilon to lay wood floor?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by cavair001, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. cavair001

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    Im laying a floor in a part garage conversion (becoming a hobby room) its an integrated garage it has concrete floor. Ive Put DPM down then 120mm Foil backed insulation , now partly laid with T & G chipboard on top. BI coming Thursday for 2nd check so havent glued any together yet.

    There seems to be different opinions and advice for/against chipboard...however it seems quite firm without any joists and there will certainly be no squeaks!
    Only just come across this Elastilon adhesive underlay for the solid wood and other flooring which looks quite good and a lot easier than nailing wood boards.

    Anyone got any experience of this stuff? Otherwise which glue is best for solid boards 18mm x 75 wide - do you glue undersides as well as edges?
  2. chippie244

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    A few years ago there was a flooring expert on here called audi-evo and he always recommended using elastilon or it's SF equivalent.
    You could try searching his name but all he did was flooring and he reckoned it was the dog's danglies.
  3. David2000

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    I used the Elastilon Basic underlay a few months ago in my new extension. Got a good deal on some solid oak flooring otherwise I would have gone for Engineered, you can lay solid wood as floating on this product. The floor has been down a few months now and no issues. Before using make sure you look at some of the on line videos as they are very helpful. My subbase was a concrete slab so ensured this was fully dried out before even thinking about laying the timber floor, I put down a vapour barrier and then laid the Elastilon on top of this, butt the joints together do not overlap. Once you get the first couple row of planks laid it is fairly straight forward, you lay the plank on top of the Elastilon then slide the film membrane from underneath the plank, then make sure the plank is firmly stuck. I did a row at a time across the full length of the room and used some wood glue on the ends of each plank. The planks do stick fast to the underlay so you have to be quick to remove it if you make a mistake. Also make sure your floor is fully climatetised.
  4. retiredsparks

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    Use 22mm P5 grade T&G chip if you can....not sure about best adhesive...but with the weight I might just let it float on top of insulation.
    Maybe the chippies might advise further.

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