Anyone used Rearo "Selkie" Shower Panels? Any good?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Wulbert, Mar 12, 2023.

  1. Wulbert

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    Thinking of using these Rearo "Selkie" brand shower panels for a bathroom re-furb. I've been told that the cheaper hollow-core shower panels can be fragile and easily dented. As this is going to be a rental property a robust solution is needed.
    Wondering if anyone has used this make of panel and what you think of them? Not cheap.
    An additional issue is that two panels will need to be joined at 45 degrees ( bloomin' architects!) internal corner, which could be tricky to get a good seal on.
    Existing shower is tiled, leaky with plasterboard behind tiles falling apart. All needs to be ripped out.
  2. McSport

    McSport Screwfix Select


    I have used Celplas hollow panels and no problems or dents.
    In bright sunlight you can see the internal structure giving them a stripy appearance. Normal light fine.

    Looks like you can get 45 degree corner trims i.e.

    MDF/Plywood does not seem a good material to make panels out of to me.
    Any slight water ingress might ruin them.
    As said, DIYer. Pros might have other thoughts and have used them.
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  3. Wulbert

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    Thanks for your experience with Celplas.

    I agree about the MDF/Ply backing. Seems that all shower waterproofing relies on a waterproof skin over porous materials. Bound to fail eventually.

    The corner trim you linked to is actually 90 degree. See screenshot below with edge detail highlighted in yellow. However it gave me an idea; I could cut off one of the faces to make a (rather ugly & bodged) 45 degree joint.

    Plan B is to replace the whole lot with a complete "phone-box" style fully enclosed shower cubicle but it's around £1,200 for a decent one.

  4. ejenner

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    I wouldn't want timber that close to the surface in a shower cubicle. Bears all the signs of a solution that just won't hold up.
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  5. McSport

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    Oh yes you are right about the trim.
    Couldn't see the left hand section.

    Replace the plasterboard with something waterproof.
    I used Deltaboard. Similar to Wedi, Elements, Marmox and others.
    Panels or tiles over that and should be very waterproof. Panels have less chance of water ingress. A well tiled, grouted, sealed wall will be waterproof.
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