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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by big_bad_bob, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    I've seen quite a few people singing the praises of the Aqualisa Quartz shower, and I'm tempted to install one. My one concern is how noisey the pump is going to be if I put in in the loft. My only experience of pumped showers is with a 3 bar Monsoon pump in the airing cupboard, and that shook the whole house! Great flow rate though - how would the quartz compare?
  2. Not as noisy as a monsson 3 bar, but still a whirring going on, try and site is directly above the shower or a cupboard or similar rather than over a bedroom ceiling.

    It will certainly be less obtrusive than than a pump in the landing airing cupboard.
  3. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Yes, you should be siting these above the Bathroom that the shower valve is in, screw down a piece of 3/4" Ply and then screw the pump/proccessor onto this.

    I really don't see them as noisy, quite a lot quieter than a Monsoon.
  4. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Thanks Mudster. I notice you can get a 10 metre extension cable, which I assume gives you a bit of flexibility in where it is sited. Does the pump unit need to lie horizontally, or could I mount it vertically, screwed to a wall? And can it be above or below the shower outlet?


  5. Yes to all those, you get a set of instructions which tells you which orientations are suitable for the unit.

    The easiest to fit is the Off the wall system if you have access in the loft above.

    I've fitted them, in furniture, under baths, in lofts, in airing cupboards....this is by far the most versatile pumped shower unit available.

    It reall was a revolution in design.

    (Ok where do I get my cheque Mr Aqualisa?..:))
  6. Oh, the unit comes as standard with a 7 metre cable, I usually find this enough, especially the off the wall.

    Also the remote start button can be very useful and sited anywhere, not even in the same room.
  7. big_bad_bob

    big_bad_bob New Member

    Thanks guys - you've convinced me! I definitely like the sound of that remote - maybe I could put it by the side of the bed, so the shower is nice and warm by the time I stumble into the bathroom!


  8. Take a look on Ebay, there are some fantastic deals available on there for brand new units.
  9. jonob

    jonob Member

    i got one of these a few months ago from a mail order firm in southhampton(cant remember name but it was cheapest on web) and you got a free seperate starter (ie a switch by side of bed so you can start shower before leaving the bed) when i told the customer she was so impressed she would have let me DO her !!! - happy days

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