Are Rolec WallPod HomeSmart EV Chargers any good???

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by M777KES, Feb 14, 2020.


Are Rolec Chargers any good

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  1. M777KES

    M777KES New Member

    Having a nightmare getting my brand-new Rolec Wallpod EV HomeSmart charger to work.
    Looks like a good product but Rolec's customer support/service is shocking.
    Two weeks in. Still waiting for a replacement part.
    Has anyone else had this problem?:

  2. Philip Hyde

    Philip Hyde Active Member

    So what part are you waiting for? What did they say the issue is? Is that the app based charger that you tell when to charge?
  3. M777KES

    M777KES New Member

    Hi Phil
    Apparently it’s the 32A Controller that is to be replaced. **** quality control on Rolec’s part - sending products out the door that don’t work.
    Yes, as mentioned in the vid, it’s the ‘smart’ charger but I’ve switched off ‘smart charging’ because I’m on a single tariff.
    If I want to schedule charging I can do that in the Passat. I’m not using that either. All I want is to charge when plugged in.
  4. Philip Hyde

    Philip Hyde Active Member

    I take it the installer didn't test it before leaving? Is he not sorting it out as a Rolec installer.
  5. M777KES

    M777KES New Member

    The installer had done everything they can. Installers have a ‘Rolec Test Meter’ which puts the charger under load but perhaps doesn’t exactly mimic a vehicle on the coms lines.

    It was slow going on Rolec’s part trying to get support. Hence me doing the video out of frustration. That’s when Rolec had a lightbulb moment and offered to send out a replacement controller.

    I heard from the installer that the part arrived this afternoon. He offered to fit it tomorrow (Saturday) but I want to have the car there and with Storm Dennis I’ll be at work. So hopefully, I’ll be up an running on Monday... fingers crossed!!!!

    Anyone else had to have the controller replaced? (On a brand-new unit)
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  6. M777KES

    M777KES New Member

    New 32A controller fitted yesterday and it’s delivered it’s first charge....

    ... almost flawlessly...

    ...however, the app won’t connect!

    I think the new controller needs to be registered to my app account?

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