Are routed worktop joints over-rated?

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by G Brown, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. sospan

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  2. Dr Bodgit

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    As has been said already, masons mitre will last the lifetime of the kitchen if done properly.

    IIRC, the mitres on my previous kitchen worktop had colorfill applied in the joint and showed no signs of moving at all after 15 years. The trick with whatever joint is used is to make sure the edges are sealed. If they are properly sealed, moisture can't get in and they'll be fine.

    I would not want those horrid metal joiners in my kitchen, just a magnet for all sorts of cr@p and they look, well, horrid.
  3. candoabitofmoststuff

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    For what it's worth...
    I replaced my kitchen last year... DIY.

    The kitchen removed was in the house when we bought it, in early 1997. So that's nearly 20 years ago.
    When we bought the house we were told that the kitchen had been fitted at the same time as some house alterations, (kitchen and dining room knocked into one room), and that had been done, "about 10 years ago".

    So that means the kitchen was fitted about 30 years ago... which is basically why we were replacing it; it was knackered...

    Except for the masons mitre on the joint. It was still perfect!
    (It was an "ordinary" worktop, i.e. melamine covered chipboard, about 30mm thick, rather than the 40mm of today.)

  4. chippie244

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    I think "expert" is over egging it, a tradesman will do but thanks :)
  5. Joe95

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    Ah, i was hoping you would not have brought that up:oops:. It got me going when that ****** called you an idiot. I respect you because you bring knowledge here and have also taught me many a thing (and have a good laugh). People with an attitude are not welcome, and it ****** me right off when i hear BS presented like that, regardless of the situation. Make your point and justify it. There.
    As for 'tradesmen', you are an expect in your field. As a handyman/multitrade i have huge respect for the specialized lads.

    Take the complement and shush, i want to hear no more of it ;)
  6. chippie244

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    There have been a lot of trolls on here over the years and it is simply water off a very thick skinned duck's back
  7. koolpc

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    Don't people use Prittstick to stick the work tops together? I thought that was the dog's danglies! lol :p
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  8. Joe95

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    Well we all know what you would use.....

  9. chippie244

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    I've never laid a brick or a tile, soldered a copper pipe or put some tarmac down,
  10. Joe95

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    I have never put tarmac down either, I'd subcontract!:D
    Thank you Chippie.
  11. koolpc

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    I've never worn the same pants for longer than a month! :confused::confused:
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  12. chippie244

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    You haven't lived man.
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  13. koolpc

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  14. GoodwithWood

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    Quack quack :p

    You always make me laugh mate. :)
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  15. Robert Dean

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    I agree with JoinerJohn. A kitchen worktop installed correctly shouldn't swell with moisture.

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