Are Screwfix making the same mistake as Wickes made?

Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by JASON BUXBAUM, Jul 9, 2019.


    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    Screwfix has been my 1st port of call for over 20 odd years.

    Recently, I find myself unable to use you for a majority of items, as you appear to be making the same mistake as Wickes did some years ago by over charging...

    So many things I have purchased over the last few months I have found for up to 40% cheaper in many other shops and store. This includes, shower extractor fans EX.(£58 from you -£38 elsewhere), copper pipe and tile levellers to name a few off the top of my head..

    You are out pricing yourself and are going to end up putting many of us right off....

    Please take heed.
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  2. mcooper2406

    mcooper2406 Active Member

    I've noticed they seem to be merging stock a little more with B and Q and selling the same brands. This annoys me but I don't know why.
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    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    Hmmm, not sure why they would change a winning formula.

    A couple of days back I went to buy some 15mm copper elbows, (self solder) and they want £3.61 for 5 pcs. Got 10 on Amazon for 2.99 next day delivered, postage included (purchased 30). It's a no brainer. I never used to look around, but now find I am nearly every time and finding same 'like for like' products for less and often much less...
  4. mcooper2406

    mcooper2406 Active Member

    I've found they sometimes have the same product at multiple price points though. 15mm elbows as a prime example, they have a 20 pack for £4.17, a 10 pack for £4.07 and then the pack you mention for £3.61.

    How can the same elbow cost 72p, 40p and 21p? I realise you get a discount for buying more but come on!!
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  5. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    15mm Copper elbows - SF do not sell a pack of 5! The pack of 10 at £4.07 are a well known brand and quality. What brand were the Amazon ones? Well known or generic of unknown origin?

    The other advantage is that my local SF is open 06:00 to 21:00 Monday to Friday, 07:00 to 18:00 Saturday and then 09:00 to 16:00 Sunday. Can any online retailer match that? No, they can ship it and delivery will probably only be Monday to Friday. You can order from SF ready for collection as soon as they open.

    Yes, maybe sometimes more expensive, but a lot more convenient and that comes at a price. Also, remember, their costs are higher with physical stores to run rather than just a large warehouse.
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  6. mcooper2406

    mcooper2406 Active Member

    Well I took the 5 from the guy above but the point still stands that a difference of 10p from 10 to 20 does not make a huge amount of sense.

    Don't get me wrong I get almost everything from Screwfix I just think they could slim down their lines and look at some of their pricing structures.
  7. The pack of 5 the guy mentioned are yorkshire and indeed £3.61,the pack of 10 you mention are enfeed,he did say self solder although at £ 3.61 seems a rip off.
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    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    What you need to do is fact check mate
  9. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

    Self solder, to me, means I solder myself. Pre, intergral or solder ring for Yorkshire type.
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  10. Pollowick

    Pollowick Screwfix Select

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    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    I call them self solder cause i don't need to do the soldering.. they are self soldering.. splitting hairs
  12. I knew exactly what he meant when he put self solder in brackets, although I always use enfeed and not yorkshire.
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  13. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Screwfix Select

    I've just been pricing up some electrical stuff, quite a bit actually, and found myself searching a load of places for best prices - Screwfix, Toolstation, Wickes, CPC-Farnell, B&Q (best for MK sockets), Ebay, TLC-direct. In some cases prices can vary widely for the exact same item for no good reason. It pays to shop around but agree with Mr P on the point that SF is convenient given their opening times and broad stock.
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    JASON BUXBAUM New Member


    We all know their opening times and convenience, that's why we all use them, but the another item I recently purchased was a vent axia extractor for the bathroom for 58 quid with timer etc only to find the same model for as little as £38 elsewhere. So we're not talking pennies or a couple of quid... If this is the way they are going then they won't get repeat custom as folk become savvy..
  15. Dam0n

    Dam0n Screwfix Select

    Yeah I used to spend thousands and thousands with screwfix but catalogue by catalogue they have raised the prices so much I rarely bother now.

    Shame because the guys behind the counter are excellent.
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    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    Couldn't agree more... I have found the staff at my regular Screwfixes (especially at my new one down south) to be top notch. The younger ones are enthusiastic and polite and the older ones are polite and generally like a laugh too, which means they all enjoy their enviroment.... but with out doubt, the prices are now getting to the point of no longer competitive on many lines.
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  17. ajohn

    ajohn Screwfix Select

    TS seems to be going the same way. What they stock increases almost daily. I don't use either of them as much as I did. Sometimes I accept the higher price as I can just go and get it but at times especially with screwfix it's next day. May as well use mail order. Amazon great on some things at times but often similar problems especially on prime. Ebay can be worth a look but prices can be stupid - ;) either way. Up or down.

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  18. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Probably down to Brexit...[​IMG]

    JASON BUXBAUM New Member

    Lol...why not.....everything else is !
  20. sospan

    sospan Screwfix Select

    As much as I like SF, Like others Amazon is now a lot cheaper and in a lot of cases even quicker delivery. Quite often my store doesn't have the item, so its next day after 12 ! by that time Amazon has already delivered to where I am - so I don't even need to go and get it.

    The problem is that everyone is after business from where ever they can get it, so lile Wickes used to be a dusty old store mainly frequented by builders it now appealing to ex-Homebase customers. The same with B&Q whom were once pushing for "trade" customers and had dedicated Tradepoint advisors in stores, these have mainly disappeared as B&Q go after the softer side of DIY.

    The additional problem Screwfix has is that their main selling point is the counter service where anybody can walk up get advice, check products and process returns. All of which carry a high cost that has to be put on the products. I can't see anything other than a change in the economy forcing prices or offering for a while
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