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Discussion in 'Screwfix Trade Counters' started by Mooners, Feb 26, 2013.

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    Screwfix are opening a Trade Counter near me, are these open to the public or just to profesionals
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  3. joinerjohn1

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    Unfortunately, they are open to the public. Who often want to purchase items from the trade counter, but very often want to see the product they are buying before purchase. This causes major hold ups in the general order of the universe and thus wastes the precious time of us real tradesmen , who prefer to nip in, hand our orders over, pay, then wait a few minutes till we get what we've bought.
    In short, Yes you can buy at the trade counter, but please, please, please, DO NOT, ask if you can just have a quick look at the item you want to buy. Don't ask if they can fetch one out the back, so you can measure it. Do not ask if it's suitable for use in a wet/ arid/ cold/ warm/ hot environment(delete as appropriate)  Chances are it won't be suitable for any of these environments if you want to buy it.
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    Hey John, don't blame the public (that includes me) on causing all the major hold ups and thus wasting the precious time of real tradesmen (that includes you)

    Surely most of the hold ups, when you nip in and wait a few minutes for your order, are caused by a lack of stock holding and an unreliable on-line stock checking system ?

    It's not to bad for me, if I pop into Screwfix on a day off and find items out of stock then I can shop elsewhere, my time is my own
    But for you pros, nipping in whilst on a job only to find several items are out of stock, that has to be frustrating and a waste of time

    Followed up by "would you like us to order these items for tomorrow"........ Er if I wanted them tomorrow I probably would have come in tomorrow  and "would you be interested in these items on screen" ....... always totally unrelated to the items that you wish to purchase so that would be a no then

    Stock levels are being improved I have been told on several occasions, anyone noticed any improvemnt generally ?
  5. Mr. Handyandy

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    Check and Reserve. Gotta be!

    Mr. HandyAndy - Really
  6. joinerjohn1

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    Dave, my post was strictly tongue in cheek (based slightly on my experience at the Burton branch though)  Last time I had to "nip in" to my local branch was on a Sunday, when I needed about a dozen of the support legs for kitchen base units. B&Q (owned by the same holding company) wanted stupid prices for them, but SF sold a bag of 40 for around £15, whereas B&Q sold them in packs of 2 for £2.50p each. (about the same price for the amount I wanted), but I have 28 spare ones for future use now (never know when someone is gonna phone up wanting 28 legs fitting to a kitchen do ya) ;)
  7. Bluenose2

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    Therein lies the dilemma jj, do you...A...keep them lying around for years gathering dust, or, B...bin 24, (keeping 4, a nice round number for emergencies, but knowing full well you will need 5 in a week or so):'(
  8. joinerjohn1

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    How true Bluenose. I know from personal experience, the moment I throw those 28 legs out, or give them away,,, within 3 or 4 days, I'm going to need at least 20 of them on a job somewhere.
    I've got a Stihl Saw with a spare diamond blade under the stairs. Hadn't used it for about 6 yrs when I was round at my dad's and he had some slabbing wanted me and my brother to do. (just because we're in the building trade, he thinks me and my bro can do any job :eek:
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    Real tradesmen don’t have time to post almost 10,000 messages.....

    The public are our clients.
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    7am, to 8pm Monday to Friday, 7am to 6pm Saturday, 9am to 4pm Sunday. your welcome during those times
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    Agree, not even 1 message :rolleyes:
  12. Tony Goddard

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    I only use SF in emergencies or at the weekend, I tend to use trade wholesalers who tend to be cheaper and have more stock in and can deliver it to me on site within a couple of hours. Generally I use Rexel (Newey & Eyre) and CEF. I needed an item that N&E did not have in stock locally, the nearest branch that had it was 45 minutes away, they re-routed the morning delivery van to go to Bournemouth branch and collect it, dropping it off with me on the way back - total value of the item £3.75 + VAT, no charge for the service. I get a fee cuppa and bacon roll in branch and as a long standing customer I'm allowed the priviledge of going out back and picking my own orders which does speed things along!

    I particularly like the way the sales computer system works where the salesman puts in lower and lower prices until the computer says no, consequently the prices can be stupidly low on items the system is attempting to clear.
  13. koolpc

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    Problem is, 'real tradesmen' are hard to find these days anyway!

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