Are these Genuine Makita Batteries? from ebay

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by Jitender, May 3, 2018.

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    One thing to watch out with PayPal is their "Pre Approved" setting. With a pre approved purchase a vendor can charge you again in the future without requesting the money from you. When you make a purchase,some vendors sneakily change the payment from One off, to a pre approved payment.

    It happened to me recently with some PC software I purchased three years ago. After the first year, I cancelled the subscription but they took a debit from my account. I immediately contacted Paypal and they refunded me. This year they took money for a subscription.

    Paypal explained that their policy is that you don't have to be informed in advance with pre approved payments if someone is requesting a debit from your account. So I went through and cancelled a whole bunch of them going as far back as 2-12
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  2. Jitender

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    I have got all the money back now, they did it really fast.

    My fault as should of contacted them sooner but left a little late.
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  3. KIAB

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    Good result.:)
  4. Jitender

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    It seems ebay is rife with sellers selling fake batteries, so just letting people know to be careful and do research before hitting the buy button.

    I have seen a number of listings recently where the seller is selling a battery know as genuine, but looking at the feedback on some it say the are sold in genuine Makita packaging.

    If the batteries are cheap then it is for a reason.

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