Ariston combi boiler fault codes

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    I have an Ariston Microgenus 2, 28 MFFI Combi boiler. It has just broken down for the forth time in two years. It was fitted by a Corgi guy, the system flushed before change and treated after. There is also Combimate de scaler fitted to ensure that water is less hard.

    This time it has gone down with what the manual refers to as an A97 fault – Problem with electrical monitoring. That is also what it went down with 2 months ago. The engineer sent by Ariston (still covered by 2 year guarantee) managed to reset the boiler last time and it has worked well since. Can anyone let me know what an “electrical monitoring fault is”. Switching on or off does not reset the boiler and the reset button does not appear to work. The flue is a vertical job, of about 2 metres.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received, it will be the end of the week before the agent from Bristol will get out to see us.


    Mark M.
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    Just keep calling ariston as they have a duty to repair it even if the warranty runs out as you problem started during the warranty period.

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