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  1. PaulBlackpool

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    Yes you've made your bed now we have all got to lie in it.
    As though there hasn't been enough lying already.:rolleyes:

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    What like?
    the need for an immediate budget?
    How each person would be exactly £3600 poorer?
    Keith Vas, oh hang on sorry he was just lying in a migrants bed :D:D;)
  3. PaulBlackpool

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    And what position in the Fourth Reich are you aspiring to?:D

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Great response, and how have you came to the conclusion I am a nazi from my previous post? I think you should apologise as that is quite frankly slanderous!! I have just stated 3 facts!!! and you are accusing me of being racist?
  5. PaulBlackpool

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    It was a joke. Hence the :D. As was your comment about Keith Vaz.

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Well if it was a joke to say it was in bad taste would be an understatement!!!! And if you could divulge the punchline i would appreciate it as it went completely over my head!! I'm not sure any of the points I made were anyway in relation to the nazi party. I've not even seen that sort of bigotry from DA ( who I imagine you were trying to impress with that post really!!)
  7. PaulBlackpool

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    Well Scott if I have really upset you that much then of course I do apologize.
  8. Need for a budget - that was a silly claim. Hardly of the order of £350M, or Turkey...

    Exactly £3,600 poorer. Another silly thing to say - but it was based on proper - tho' worst-case - projections due to the inevitable damage to our economy. Start crossing your fingers it'll be that little.

    Keith Vaz - er, what's your point? Oh, another cheap shot?
  9. What a puffed-up, phony, petulant show of pretend pique.

    Lord, what a twit.
  10. Phil the Paver

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    Facts going over your head again, or is it an inconvenient truth.

    That was another over hyped lie.
  11. What are you on about?
  12. Phil the Paver

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    If you'd written it you'd be all puffed up sholders.
  13. PaulBlackpool

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    There was a time when most MP's sex scandals were Tory. But labour are doing their best to catch up.:)
  14. I thought it was the country that was supposed to be at breaking point, not you?
  15. That's a whooosh for me, I'm afraid.
  16. U-S, you may try as hard as you can to try and claim that the Leave fabrications were no worse than the Remain's exaggerations. But you know that it simply ain't so. Everybody knows this; it has been analysed time and again by independent journalists and political commentators.

    Some Leavers will still keep trying to claim it. It simply shows them up as the scurrilous scoundrels (love that word..) that they are. You will not ever get away with that falsehood. Ever.

    And that wasn't even the worst. Much worse was the hateful carp that came out of Farage's mouth, and his Nazi-inspired posters.

    An utterly repellent individual who lies blatantly, stirring hatred and resentment.

    And he is your leader. You followed him. You copied him. You used his propaganda, whether or not you thought in your head is was a lie.

    You ought to be ashamed. But that requires a level of self awareness.
  17. Have to say, Vaz's was a beaut :).

    SWBUILDERS Active Member

    Another cheap shot no, my comment was a satire ("joke PB) on the recent current affairs of the Labour Party, I would call Mr blackpools comment a cheap shot just like the numerous you have made about the working class people of Briton.

    So when its a claim from the remain side it's a "silly comment" but a campaign claim from the leave is right wing propaganda.

    Both sides said whatever they could to scaremonger the masses and if you think people are too uneducteted to see through this you are completely wrong and misguided. People have voted agains something that has not worked for them and it was there only way to try and improve there situation as I have already stated on this forum.

    Let me ask you DA as you are the self appointed remain voice on here,

    Why do you you believe the all people who voted leave are racists and feel you have the right to insinuate this!!
  19. PaulBlackpool

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    Nah . Not a patch on Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice- Davies. No Russian spies involved.:)
  20. Although the campaign of the remain camp was truly awful, it was not on the scale of misrepresentation - lies - of the Leave's. That is established fact as I mentioned in post #676. It has been analysed repeatedly since then.

    Please try and claim it ain't so if you like. (And then correct yourself after a Google.)

    And to correct your last point, I have not - and do not - claim that all who voted Leave are racists. I have never said that, and nor do I believe it to be the case.

    What the vast majority are, however, is simply ignorant. I mean that in its true sense - they did not have the information on this huge subject on which to make an informed judgement. Simple as that.

    And they still don't. The vast majority - as demonstrated by the classic cross-section of Leavers on here - don't have a scooby what the EU is about. They do not appreciate that it is probably the most significant and important political union in the world, for reasons I have espoused on here many times - in fully detailed and reasoned arguments.

    The vast majority of those who voted 'Leave' didn't think any further than considering it a 'club' that costs us £350M per week to join and tells us what to do. They also believed that immigration was the cause of this country's ills. They also felt something good in their gut whenever someone said 'Take back control!'

    And, yes, a huge number of them are closet racists to some degree. Ie - they consider people unlike them to be inferior simply due to the fact the are different from them. And there's some prime examples on here. They will try and portray a whole 'people' based on some very carefully selected and unrepresentative examples that suit their 'arguments'. That is pure and simple racism. And Farage has given them permission to open their mouths to say what was always sitting deep inside them in any case. Yuck.

    To be fair, many of the Remain camp didn't appreciate the full value of the EU either - they just wanted the freedom to move around amongst their European friends as much as they liked!

    Sorry, Scott - that is the truth. The British population was not equipped to make this decision.

    And we are about to reap the cost of this mistake.

    And that is the very sad truth.
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