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  1. Phil the Paver

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    Living memory say 100 years, so 25 terms resulting in 20 PMs.

    Brown doesn't really count, look what he was left with by the rat that left the sinking ship.

    4. Eden
  2. PaulBlackpool

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    Do you believe in all honesty that Theresa May will be any better than those three?
    For the record I do not.
  3. PaulBlackpool

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    What about Alec Douglas-Hulme and John Major?
  4. Phil the Paver

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  5. Phil the Paver

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    Probably not but can't include her yet, she yet to **** up.
  6. Phil the Paver

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    Blimey at this rate, we'll be struggling to find one that was any good. :p:p
  7. She has big time, by allowing Hinkley Point to go ahead.
  8. Phil the Paver

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    To be honest, I'm not to sure that is a big mistake, as long as its overlooked by British engineer's or what every you call the peeps who know what's what.
    Though the amount guranteed per KW, is high to say the least.
  9. We are giving away more billions of our money to foreign companies and countries for a reactor they are having lots of problems trying to build.
    We should be building it ourselves with the profits staying in Britain.
  10. PaulBlackpool

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    It's all very easy for us to sit here saying none of them were any good. They all kept the Country going for a few years without revolution and not too many riots. What continues to amaze me is that any one would step up to the plate and take the job on.
    Luckily for us they do. IMHO (and I am 70 next month) there is one thing wrong with Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Theresa May and a lot of other potential leaders. They are all too old and or ill. God knows what the stress levels must be like.
    just think of George Bush being told of 9/11. I am retired. I would not dream of running a tea -shop at my age. ( with apologies to any struggling tea shop owners reading this) .
    As regards David Cameron who obtained a degree in PPE you would think that he would have remained a career politician serving his constituents in Witney where he is well liked and respected from the back benches. If he has different views on grammar schools for example than Theresa May then there is no problem in my opinion in airing those views especially as he would not be on his own. You would think that he would relish taking a back seat after the pressure of being PM.
    But no ego and pride rear their ugly heads and this reveals he is not a politician of substance in the old mould.
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  11. PaulBlackpool

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    Apparently we have nobody who knows how to build one just like we have no Brexit trade negotiators within the Civil Service.
  12. A bit of sense - thank you Paul.

    Calling all our past PMs 'carp' is not making a valid political argument at all, tho' some people seem to think that's all it takes to have an opinion.

    Of course they vary in competence, but their success - or not - often also hinges on the financial and political climate at the time they're in office.

    But how you consider them as PMs will mostly simply come down to what your own political leanings are.

    I detest Thatcher, for example, for being sooo divisive and uncaring about a vast tract of her people. Brutal woman. However, I do have to accept that some of the more militant unions needed a darned good kicking as well. It doesn't justify her thuggish methods, but hey...

    Similarly many on here - and throughout the country - feel it's a sure-fire winner to call Blair a 'war criminal', have a 'fnurrrr', and leave it at that. Nice and populist, that one - you will almost always get a rousing and approving cheer and feel you've made a 'point'.

    But, you haven't. It's like shouting "Let's take back control!". You'll certainly get cheers - from people who then leave the issue with that cheer hanging in the air and don't entertain examining the facts.

    How are we doing in this country compared to 10 years ago, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60...?

    We have glitches (the biggest happening at the moment... :rolleyes:) but generally we are heading the right way. Politics ain't easy, you know... :oops:
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  13. sospan

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  14. chippie244

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    It hasn't happened yet:)
  15. sospan

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    True, they buy to let regulation changes and mortgage tax rules are having more effect down here than worries over brexit
  16. Crowsfoot

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    Quite clearly the EU as some real nasty surprises in store for us that's why they won't negotiate anything until A50 is triggered.
    TM seems to want much the same deal whether we're in or out of the EU .
  17. PaulBlackpool

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    I understand that the Government is stopping tax relief on interest payments so they cannot be offset against the rents. Most "un-torylike". Does this apply where the taxpayer just has one rental property where for instance a couple bought a new house to live in and couldn't sell their previous house so they let it?
  18. sospan

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    Yes, they are limiting claiming mortgage payments against the buy to let income. Won't affect someone whom is letting out a property they inherited but could affect someone whom is "stuck" with a property with a mortgage and has moved to another mortgaged property.

    The other thing is that in many parts of the country the have enforced much harsher regulations on landlords, where they have to be licensed and registered with the local authority. Anti social behaviour by their tenants could result in the landlords licence being removed. There is a also the occupancy (bed room" tax) still making 3 bedroom properties undesirable for younger families whom need benefits assistance.

    In several districts where I live, there has been a huge number of buy to let properties put up for sale. The usual supply and demand, has happened and the number of houses has depressed the market, causing prices to fall.

    What is worrying is that if this spreads widely across the country at the same time interest rates go up, then a number of landlords will cash in their portfolios or just hand in their keys. We could have a "Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac" in the UK within a few years.
  19. Quite clear?

    Give us some examples.
  20. Are you saying that from a simple point of giving information? In which case, fair do's.

    Or from the point of view "Hah! Brexit doom-mongers - it isn't having an affect after all!"? In which case please provide your postal address so's I can send you an egg to smear over your face in the not too distant future...

    (Unless common sense prevails...)

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