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    Really have to blame the mortgage companies for allowing people to have multiple mortgages. (or the person who takes on a second mortgage) Time they brought back the 3 or 4 times your income rule for mortgages. I reckon we'd see house prices tumble, back to an affordable level. (wondering where I've been this past week? Well , just got back from a lovely week in Crete) :p:p:p
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    In your second home ;);)
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    I wish.. only a package holiday. ;);)
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    You can supply your own eggs.
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    Waste of time Phil. The re-moaners will tell us, things will change in the future. Well yes, they are bound to change in the future. Ya don't need a crystal ball to know things will change. Thing is, I don't know which way the finances of this country are going to go in the future. We could be in for a boom in industry and the financial sector. Equally, we could be in for a miserable time.
    Furthermore, whatever happens, I'm sure the EU is in for a worse time than us here in the UK . Merkel is finally realising the foolishness of her decision to invite a million + migrants and simply expecting the rest of the EU to "take their share" . You just can't simply tell another country (that has high unemployment rates, like many EU countries) to take in a few hundred thousand more people. You can't simply print more money to cover the expense, and cannot expect economically depressed EU countries to support them.
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    JJ, You was saying. :p:p
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    It was intended to be an ironic comment followed by a wink.
    Even I don't think the sun will stop shining if we have a bad brexit.:p:p
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    Oh come on devs, it's obvious.
    The fact that EU won't tell us what their going do to us before TM triggers A50 means it's going to be really nasty!!
    Clear your head and apply a bit of common sense!
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    Did you parachute in :p:p
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    They're stuck between a rock and a hard place, on the one hand they know the, UK is a powerful economic and diplomatic force on the world stage, while the other hand is ready for a fight to show what the consequences are, too others whom even think of leaving the club.

    I think there's some serious talks being had, over the future direction of the, EU.
    Even, Junker, and Merkel appear to be wobbling.
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    I personally think the EU is doomed. Hungary want to leave (in fact some EU members want to kick them out for daring to stand up to the EU) Many other countries are realising the whole project is doomed. The only one's who refuse to accept the truth are either do-gooding liberals, or those with a vested interest in retaining their fat cat salaries (Junkers and his cronies)
    Let's see just how many "net contributors " want to leave in the coming year.
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    France would leave tomorrow if the people had their way.

    Merkel is fast losing respect and probably will lose the vote in there elections.
  14. You mean the EU is playing exactly the same game as the UK?

    Ok - got you now.
  15. Ho-hum, here we go again. And again. And again.

    Phil, stop posting links (especially for the express :rolleyes:) and then running away. I know that's what your leaders Johnson and Gove did, but come on...

    Chust SAY what it is you are trying to sneakily IMPLY by your links.

    Do the research, come to your own conclusions and then have the bawls to post what you really believe.

    (I don't think you've done that yet.)
  16. Phil the Paver

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    Ok. As reported by the Bastian of the Left.

    But don't let facts get in the way of you wanting my version of what's happening, which by the way is exactly as I thought would happen, nothing of any great concern.
  17. Oh do try and dig a bit further for heaven's sakes, Phil.

    See what, ooh, Robert Peston has to say about this, for instance.

    Yes, on the surface, there has been no obvious loss to British retail and business since Brexit. There are reasons for that - the main ones being that Brexit hasn't happened yet, and that the BofE has repeatedly stepped in to produce more 'phony' money to counter post-Brexit fears.

    But, under the surface, all these major players are working out what to do should the poor-deal Art 50 be triggered. (And 'poor-deal' is what it'll be if it can be called Brexit in anything other than name...)

    Plans and investment are being put on hold.

    So, tell us Phil - in your own words now - that Brexit is not, and will not, have a significant long-term negative effect on the British economy.

    Go on. The courage of your convictions...

    You have to do better than this - all you actually did in your reply above is post a second link and then try (so dishonestly...) to pretend you have a "my version"!

    My, my, indeed. You simply have not put "my version" into words.

    Just as it was before with 'that' photo, for example.

    You just won't form an opinion of your own. You will not put in to words what it is you want to believe.

    "Link and run."

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  18. Or, to put it in simple words that even an IQ of 160 can understand; tell me, Phil, what the state of the British economy would be like right now had Art 50 been triggered soon after the vote (as your leaders wanted)?

    (I'm expecting a 'get out' "no-one knows"... :rolleyes:)
  19. Phil the Paver

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    My words matter not, what matters is ehats happening.

    What's happening is, exactly the opposite to what remoaners said would happen.

    As for if art 50 had been triggered straight away is something we don't know because your leader done a runner and left us to it, but my betting is we would be where we are now, the envy of most of Europe, having had the balls to get out.

    Was speaking to a man from Greece last week, while he accepts his government were very greedy and by and large stupid, he firmly believes it was the EU intention to allow it to happen, purely so they gain control of the Greek economy and in fact the country, when i say EU he too believes its just Germany calling the shots.
  20. Thank you Phil.

    Just as I thought.

    Acting, again, as an utterly spineless, slimy, dishonest, conspiracy-theorising ****.

    (Note to SF - I'm not saying he is that, only that he's acting like it... :rolleyes:)

    And well done, you, for finding your Greek equivalent.

    Dear lawd.

    Even Longs will be squirming at his bedfellows on here.

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