Asbestos exposure should I be worried ?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by LozM, Jun 25, 2021.

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    Having renovation done and when builders cut through plastic soft fit yesterday in two places for block work to go up on second storey with jig saw turns out there was a thin cement board on the underside, I was in garden watching as discussing project with builder, the builder then dropped the soft fit into the dumper about a couple of metres away from me and load of dust came up - mainly from dust/debris that was already in dumper. It was only afterwards main builder looked at soft fit in dumper and said mmm that could be an asbestos cement board that the soft fit was siliconed to. Is about 7mm thick and 50cm across.

    No one was masked at that point as was not expected. Took a double bagged sample of the board to local testing place and came back as Chrysotile asbestos, now really worried about possible exposure not when soft fit was cut as well away (would worry for the carpenter) but when was dropped down into dumper as may have broken some more at that point.

    Am I worrying about nothing given the brief potential exposure at that distance and outside, I am guessing lots of people mistakenly do stuff every now and then or should I be concerned ? The rest will be dealt with properly, double bagged and taken away.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated,

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    Nothing to worry about. Being close when cutting ain't a good idea because of dust but you were stood well away. Being dropped wont cause dust unless the pile had asbestos dust in. The asbestos board is low risk anyway plus asbestos is naturally occurring and we've all been exposed at some point. My father in law put 100s of asbestos soffits and garage roofs on with no mask and well in his 80s now and it's not his lungs causing trouble. Best avoid the stuff though
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    To add a bit to the above breaking asbestos releases much less fibres than cutting. In the past I often broke out old flues because it released less fibres than sawing. When you looked at the broken edges you could see the fibres poking out of the old flue still embedded.
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    White asbestos is chemically different to brown and blue which are the nasty ones. Don't fret.
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    Many thanks for all the replies, I shall sleep a bit more soundly tonight than last night, all very reassuring, really appreciate people taking time to reply, great forum,

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    Has your builders lost any sleep....
    I doubt it!
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    Very true !

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