Asbestos in boilers

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    Does anyone know if there is a list of boilers available which contain asbestos?
  2. I have a list published by BG, but it's pretty long!
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    What's BG's stance on them, Spike? Are you allowed to work on them or is it a big no no?
  4. yep, undisturbed asbestos in good condition is safe to work on.

    Bonded cement is most common, found in flue pipes, asbestos rope, seals & gaskets.

    BG abestos pocicy (abbreviated!)

    - will only work in accordance with asbestos regs.

    - BG will not undertake work with absetos insulation, or board. However work of short duration may be neccessary. No more than 1 hour in any 7 consectivie days, and total time on any job may not exceed 2 hours. All other work to be carried out by approved contractors.

    - Asbestos cement products fall out of absetos regs, but must be delt with as below (working with asbestos)

    Working with asbestos

    - always waer approved PPE (dust mask)

    - asbestos bearing materials should not be removed if in good condition and not giving rise to dust.

    - Where necessary to disturb due to nature of work...


    - permitted activities - drilling cutting & removal

    - remove whole if possible

    - if not, minise damage, spary with water, and wrap with plastic shetting before breaking.

    - double bag on removal site, in marked bags, along with dust mask.


    - replace during noraml servicing with non-asbestos rope.

    - spray with water as soon as visable

    - place in plastic bag at postion of removal, and sock with water.

    - component parts on to which gasket used to contact should be wiped with contact cloth.

    - ensure all gaskets, dust mask, and tact cloth double bagged for disposial.


    - time limits as above apply.

    - wear PPE (disposiable overalls, and dustmask)

    - permitted activitys (drilling small holes, removal of boiler base, removal of whle door with AIB attached.

    a - drilling holes, cover with tape, to drill through.

    - cover entry & exit points with dust suppressant paste.

    - drill through at low speed

    - clean off paste into plastic bag, and seal edge with PVA glue.

    - dispopse of paste, disposable overalls, and dust bag, in double baged & marked.

    b - Boiler bases

    -only remove if under 1sq m

    - Use PPE (disposial shoe covers, overalls, dustmask)

    - cover area with plastic sheeting

    - seal as much of boiler base with PVA before removiing boiler

    - lift boiler off onto plastic sheet, lift edges of sheet and remove both boiler & palstic to outside.

    - carefully lift boiler base & double bag in situ.

    - use tack cloth to dab area where sheeting was.

    - dispose of PPE, plastic sheeting, tact cloth as asbestos waste, double bag!

    c Removal of door with sheet attached

    - As boiler removal.


    permitted activities - NONE


    AGC Delglo fanfare

    Balmforth BD wau

    Baxi 30 MK2 wau

    Caradon Ideal mexico super

    crane all models

    Glowworm Duct air

    Glowworm spacesaver Mk1

    Glowworm 45-60 & most old numbered floor boilers

    Glowworm fuelsaver MK1

    Glowworm sunrod

    glynweld AGA

    Johnson & starley J range

    Potterton Myson warmair

    Potterton myson Flamingo

    Potterton Myson Kingfisher MK1

    Potterton Myson Netaheat MK1 & some MK2

    Thorn Halcyon

    vailliant combicompact VCW

    vailliant TSW VCW sine

    Hope that helps, and no, i'm not writing it again!
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    my script is
    if you can't fix it, do asbestos you can..
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    Thanks Spike. Most helpful.

    What do BG recommend when they come across a boiler on that list?
  7. Do whichever falls into the work above... replace rope seals, but leave gaskets alone. wear PPE (mask) when doing checks. thats it really.
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    Hi spikebmth
    this list you have dose it have a list of storage heaters that contain asbestos as well as boilers as i use to have one my self but have lost it. any imfo would be great. THANKS
  9. My house was built in 1995 so what's the chance of it containing Asbestos in the boiler?
  10. Zero.

    (Unless some weirdo retro-fitted an ancient boiler through a sense of aesthetics...)

    So, zero.
  11. better to ask  then be sorry I suppose!
  12. My boiler make is IDEAL
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    ISTR they stopped using it and/or it was banned in about 1992. I phoned a few valve manufacturers about that time and they were still using asbestos-fibre in gland packings. None of the synthetic replacements were anywhere nearly as good.

    Much later I got involved in an asbestos survey project, listing asbestos materials for removal by a specialist. I listed a reel of asbestos gland packing string in a very rusty locker in a basement boiler room.
    When they came to remove it, it had gone. The site maintenance contractors had swiped it and were  using it to repack valve glands all over the site. :eek:
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    The British Lung Foundation is doing a survey to find out how much tradesmen know about asbestos - as part of a campaign to raise awareness about the deadly material.
    There are £250 worth of vouchers up for grabs -

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