Asbestos ?? Please please can you help?

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    Don't need telling Wd1:( . I lost a work mate to Mesothelioma a couple of years back and we only ever worked with White Asbestos! Nasty stuff all of it really riles me when people post that white asbestos is not dangerous, OK it is less dangerous than blue or brown, just like a viper is less dangerous than a cobra but I still wouldn't let my kids play with them!
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    Sorry to hear that mate, I know it is horrible & I am the same wishing people would take notice & heed the warnings & not just for Asbestos, Fiberglass, MDF & various other (Past, Present & Future) materials in the building trade

    I had a boss some years back, that tried to convince us that Asbestolux was only cement board & didn't contain asbestos, we all walked out & reported him as he refused to supply us proper PPE & to get it tested, he was heavily fined & had to pay court costs.

    Seen him a few weeks back & he is on the dole as his firm went bankrupt & haven't manged to get a job since.

    I see it as Karma tbh
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    As you see I mentioned Fiberglass in my previous post, here is some alarming evidence to how dangerous it actually is

    A whistleblower claims fiberglass fibers are as dangerous as asbestos
    Paul Ayers was a Certified Hazardous Materials Supervisor involved with the removal of industrial hazardous waste for several years. He quoted a 1974 position paper by Dr. Mearl Stanton of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) that was sent to a non-profit activist group called Victims of Fiberglass.

    That quote is: "asbestos causes cancer not because it is asbestos, but because it is a Respirable Durable Fiber (RDF). RDFs completely unrelated to asbestos such as fiberglass and rock wool are equally carcinogenic."

    Dr. Mearl Stanton stated later in 1977 that it's not the physical property of the fibers, but their sizes and shapes that determine hazards to the lungs. When long, thin sharp fibers are inhaled, they can deeply penetrate sensitive lung tissues and begin a process leading to emphysema, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder), or cancer.

    Even cigarette filters have used fiber glass. Instead of protecting against nicotine, the tiny shards from the filters can cut into the lungs and allow more nicotine to penetrate the lungs. There have been tooth pastes using fiber glass fibers as abrasives. The tiny coated shards cut the gums enough to allow toothpaste fluoride to penetrate directly into the bloodstream.



    In 2001

    Handyman sues over MDF illness

    Antony Barnett, public affairs editor

    Sunday 8 April 2001 13.28 BST Last modified on Monday 28 October 2002 13.28 GMT

    It was hailed as the answer to every home in need of a make-over: MDF, medium-density fibreboard. It is now in millions of homes after helping to spark off the craze for building your own furniture from a flat-pack.
    But MDF could pose a threat to health, according to some experts. A legal case has been launched against furniture chain MFI amid claims the product contains a carcinogenic chemical.

  4. I suggest you get someone to check this out there knows about us must us or someone who can test it
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    hello! This information could really help me! * I've had a nightmare with this stuff that someone removed .
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    Ben, not a good idea to put a contact mobile phone number on a forum. Might be best to ask the forum administrator to remove it.:oops:
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    Many thanks

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