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  1. t45

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    I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the following: I need to have an asbestos flu removed in order to have a new boiler system installed - could anyone recommend any asbestos removal companies in Surrey area. The asbestos is in the flu in a cupboard - it is an old boiler system that needs updating.
    Also, in older properties, what is the likelihood of asbestos being elsewhere such as in the loft or in other areas such as below flooring, within the wall sunder eaves etc?
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  2. Phil the Paver

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    Maybe best to contact your local council, they should have a list of approved contractors and may even know about other forms of asbestos in your property.
  3. Schmores

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    It depends on the age of the property.

    I have just moved into an 80s house with asbestos artex and floor tiles. This is the white sort which is (generally) considered less dangerous than the other two types. If you have any type of floor tile under carpet or in your kitchen it would be advisable to have it tested. The mastik tiles are held down with can also contain asbestos.

    That said it is generally very low quantities in floor tiles and artex so you can remove it yourself if you follow sensible precautions and dispose of it according to your local authorities agreed methods.

    The best course of action with any asbestos is always to leave it alone if possible as it is completely safe if undisturbed.
  4. teabreak

    teabreak Well-Known Member Look for a local company on this site

    PS I am having a boiler exchanged by British Gas shortly they were quite happy to remove the short amount of Asbestos cement (AC) flue as part of the job.
    It depends I think on how much there is, if you have 30ft up the outside of the building to remove they might balk at that!

    Small amounts of AC they will deal with its AIB (Asbestos insulation board) they will not have anything to do with.
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  5. Ross Buchanan

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    It’s a wise idea to call an asbestos specialist. Even a little exposure of asbestos can result in various lung diseases. Recently I’d called asbestos specialist from Health Environmental, Ontario for testing tiles in the kitchen. They had an air quality test and work was quite good. Don’t know whether they offer service in your areas. You can log on their website for more details.
  6. Dave does Gas

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    t45 we deal with this on an almost daily basis, As has been said get in an approved contractor, what we often get our clients to do is to have a sample taken and analysed as not all the flues are asbestos. There are a lot of flues made from a material called Eurostone which are perfectly safe to handle. The company we use charge in the region of £70.00 for the call plus £10.00 per sample. If it proves it is asbestos its going to cost £300 to £400 to remove. There is also an extensive list of boilers that contain asbestos which all too often just get disposed of by the local scrappy rather than an approved contractor.
  7. teabreak

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    Hi Dave,
    I remember a product called Urastone which was coated in yellowish or grey finish that replaced normal AC flue we were under the impression it was asbestos free, but I suspect it was just the fact the surface was sealed that made it safer. A search on the net shows Urastone products as containing asbestos.

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