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    KEEPGREEN New Member

    Hi Everybody,

    Need some advise please, I want to replace the flimsy door chain that's been fitted onto my front door with a nice good quality door chain please, secondly I would also like to replace internal door locks with some decent secure locks as well please.

    If i can pick these directly from the website that will be fantastic.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated as my knowledge is very minimal when it comes to locks.

    Thank you all.
  2. Pollowick

    Pollowick Well-Known Member

    What sort of internal locks?

    Mortice? Rim?

    With handle or without? What depth?

    Do you want all different or keyed alike?
  3. goldenboy

    goldenboy Well-Known Member

    Do you mean internal doors locks as in locks on the internal doors or do you mean the locks on the inside of the front door.

    KEVIN NAIRN Member

    Hi, the door chain will usually be plated mild steel, not hardened steel. Drill pilot holes for the screws the right diameter and NOT too big as this will weaken their grip and pull out easily. I would replace the screws in the packet with single thread (turbogold or turbo silver from Screwfix) they should be as long as possible, as the longer the screw the stronger the grip. Front and back doors should have locks to BS 3621 (like the advert) or you're not insured in the event of a break in. You can buy good quality sashlocks (a sashlock can have a pair of handles fitted) not to a British Standard or use insurance standard locks (very expensive way to do this). If your doors are 35mm thick, there won't be a lot of wood left either side of the lock. The police DON'T recommend you lock internal doors, because if a burglar breaks in, they will smash the door down causing a lot of damage.

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