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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Cross90, Jul 10, 2016.

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    I want to convert an attached garage into a utility room, having done quite abit of research on the forum and else where online. I wanted a few peoples opinions/thoughts on it if possible.

    Being a new build I can only presume that it will have been built with cavity trays in place, so am I right in saying that the shared wall with the house should stay relatively dry ?

    The rest of the garage is of single brick construction.

    I am confident in doing most of the work myself, its more the best approach to take I lack the knowledge on.

    Ie. Best method of tanking the garage ?, How to ensure I don’t drive moisture into the house via the shared wall ? etc

    I don’t necessarily care about it being to insulation standards/regs etc. Just warmer and more accommodating than a single brick garage, where as I can fix up some kitchen cabinets, tile the floor and install a washer and dryer. The roller garage door will be left in place, atleast for now for the occasional access/storage of bigger items.

    My initial thoughts on it were to:

    1. Use bitumen paint on the walls and floor, covering the entire floor and bottom to top of walls. (Excluding the shared wall with the house.)

    2. Ardit the floor.

    3. Afix wooden battens to the walls with a thin strip of DPC behind them.

    4. Fix up a thin insulated kingspan board all round, tape and paint.

    Any comments on what I'm not seeing/missing, or just general thoughts good or bad would be appreciated.


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