Attaching Cement Board on plastered wall

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Kovu145, Aug 12, 2018.

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    Bare with me, as first time doing anything like this.

    I've just begun stripping my bathroom of tiles, which were attached to plasterboard. The plasterboard had been dot and dabbed on top of plastered, stone walls.

    I'd like to replace, the now destroyed, plasterboard with cement board, question is how do I attach this to the plastered walls? I understand dot and dab is not advisable for cement board - and that dot and dab on existing plaster anyway is not a good idea?

    My thought is to attach battons onto the plaster with long-ish screws such as these, then attach the board on to this.

    Would that do it? I've seen a lot of video's with people doing the battons directly to the masonary, but not with plaster in between.

  2. 14th edition

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    Seal the plaster work and dot n dab. When its gone off fix each board with half a dozen screws. You need to fix where the dabs are as the fixings might crack the board. Stagger the panels....
  3. 14th edition

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    Use SBR not PVA to seal the plaster!

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