[Australia] 5 Year Solar Panel review

Discussion in 'Eco Talk' started by BikerChris, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. BikerChris

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    Hi All,

    Just passing and thought you all might be interested in this youtube video, by a guy (Electronic Engineering Video Blog) that seems to like numbers and calcs. Be interesting to know if we can expect the same results if our lack of sunlight but possibly lower electricity costs some how make it comparable.

  2. Bob Rathbone

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    You can get a 5 year payback in the UK if you fit it yourself, no certification, and have a standard induction meter, that will run backwards when the solar produces power. It's called 'Net metering' and the DNO's don't like it.Follow the official route and all of your income from the panels will be eaten up by red tape. I would stress that I have not done this, but I do know it works. OK now lets see what the forum members say!
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  3. rogerk101

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    Payback will be very dependant on efficiency, and efficiency is very dependant on exposure. If you have the perfect roof pitch that is facing due South, then your payback will be quicker than a roof which is at a pitch which is less than perfect and facing somewhere that is not due South. You can put the best system in place, but if the place is wrong, the payback will be long.
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  4. Stugadget

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    Not all induction meters go backwards.
  5. masterdiy

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    Had ours for 6 years, & pay back was 5 years.
    Apart from the electrical in house savings, we get paid for exporting it.
    We have an E-W split, so enjoy early sun & late west sun.
    The standard Elec helicopter meter went backwards, but the suppliers fitted a new meter foc.
    Would I recommend. Yes. Although now the payback is much less.

    With the long hot sunny days we have been having for the last 10 weeks, its been charging up to 23kw per day.
    Today the 9th its charged 24.7Kw.
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  6. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Sadly it’s us other consumers who are paying you.
  7. Dam0n

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    excellent, how do i go about getting one of these sorted?
  8. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Well-Known Member

    Yes, some have a backstop fitted.
  9. MGW

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    What was not worked out was interest on insulation cost. In north Wales there is a hydro power station that has been running over 100 years, originally installed to power radio equipment, however the system needs to have paid for itself in 25 years in order to pay back interest on money used. Clearly interest rates will affect this, but average over last 100 years means 25 years maximum.

    This is why hydro power is only installed by governments, very rare to be installed by private firms, it does not matter if you have money or not, interest is either loss if you have the money, or paid if you don't have it.
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  10. sospan

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    I purchased a solar unit from Amazon for £120 and fitted it to my Allotment shed roof and linked the controller to an old battery. When I go up in the evening I can recharge several power tool batteries and my mobile phone while I am sorting things out.

    If I could mount one safely/easily on a jobsite I would place one where I am working
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  11. blannder

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    Interesting video! I have always been interested with solar power. i believe that it will be an effective solution to growing climate change problem. I hope more and more people will support the boom of solar power energy.
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