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    We have a new Workshop catalogue which is packed with hundreds of Workshop Essentials.

    Automotive Tools and Equipment for your Motor Vehicle.

    Check out our unbeatable range of automotive repair tools, as well as branded garage and service tools and equipment; always the right tool for the job at the right price for professional mechanics and DIY car enthusiasts alike.

    Bench Grinders
    Metal Chop Saws
    Inverter Generators
    Industrial Generators
    Electrical & Lighting
    Heaters & Dehumidifiers
    Mechanics Tools
    Electric Tools
    Battery Care
    Wheel & Tyre Care
    Jacks, Stands & Ramps
    Cranes & Hoists
    Workshop Equipment
    Body Repair
    Creepers & Mats
    Assortment Boxes & Parts
    Pressure Washers
    Compressors & Air Tools
    Oils & Lubes
    Fuel Tools
    Tool Chests & Trolleys
    Parts Storage
    Cabinets, Racks & Benches
    Safety & Workwear
    Sheds & Workshops
    Mats & Flooring

    If you need any advise just call our dedicated team, on 0800 068 4878 or the mobile friendly number 03330 110378

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    Kate: Do we have to have "trade" credentials to buy this stuff?
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