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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by markysparky, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

    A new version of BS7671 will be printed at the earliest JAN 2008.

    There will be a new Part 41 and a few new Part 6's, including:

    Construction sites
    Fairground and Similar
    Agricultural and Horticultural

    Just thought you should know! :)
  2. sparky Si-Fi

    sparky Si-Fi Screwfix Select

    Thats a post-dated cheque for the regs/OSG and all guidance notes.
  3. SwindonSpark

    SwindonSpark New Member

    You've missed out Yacht Marinas in Section 6
  4. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

    It ain't in my circular well :(
  5. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

    Not that I'm bothered either as I can't see me working on many yachts.
  6. Silverback

    Silverback New Member

    Just orderd a new copy myself
    You nearly made me run out and cancel my order untill I read the date again

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