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    Hi. I'm 29 years old and currently doing an NVQ in C & J at college at Shrewsbury. I am looking for a job as a carpenter. I am obviously not that experienced but i wouldn't say i was inexperienced either, having done bits of work on sites and at home. I am quite prepared to start at the bottom fetching and carrying, I will work bloody hard, am very keen to learn and i am very reliable. I have my own tools.
    i live in welshpool (mid wales) and am looking for work within about 20-30 miles of here (shrewsbury area, oswestry area, newtown area etc) but I would be prepared to travel further for the right job.
    I hope someone can help me get out of my dead end job and start me doing what I really want to do.
    surely someone needs someone reliable, keen and willing to learn

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