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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by kev w, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. kev w

    kev w New Member

    Please help
    I have 1 piece internal Mahogany doors and frames and would like to change the doors to pine,no problem I hear you say but what do I do with the colour of the frames. I would like to get them as close to pine as possible.
  2. Sam Dingle

    Sam Dingle New Member

    I don't think your gona manage it mate.
    As you know mahogany is a dark colour and you can't stain it lighter.
    You could paint it and then get one of them sod awful grain effect rollers and try and fake it.
    Easiest thing to do might be to change the liner and architrave to pine. Pine is cheap to buy and you'll get the look you wnt with out looking like you've faked it.
  3. coggy

    coggy New Member

    Hi Kev

    i agree with CB on this one. The only 2 options you have is to paint the mahog frame and just have the pine door or replace the frame and arch's

    Hope this helps
  4. woodsmith

    woodsmith New Member

    kev, one possible solution would be to clad the mahogany frame with pine.

    Use the rear side of the thinest cladding you can find (6mm), you can glue two pieces together, as it is tongue and grooved, if you need wider panels.

    You will need to take the architrave off and you will loose about 12mm of the frame width but you should be able to take that off the door.

    It's a bit of a fiddle but a lot easier and less messy than taking the frame out and, if you pin the pine in place, when Mahogany is back in fashion you can whip the pine off and you're back to Mahogany.

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