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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by busy builder, Jun 29, 2010.

  1. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    Anyone recieved a letter about their trade discount card and the new TradePoint counters ?
    I just wondered if we are to lose our earned discount if it doesn't reach the monthly limit for a refund?

    The letter is a bit ambiguous.
  2. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    i was wondering this today, though ive not recieved the letter yet. I cant remember why but i cant be bothered with tradepoint, but the discount card was a good thing.
  3. myplastererdotcom

    myplastererdotcom New Member

    Everything you buy through these tradecounters goes on their database linked to your card with your details. This databased will be accessed by the tax office.

    Think about it.
  4. Guest

    There's no discount using Tradepoint, they said it's because of their trade prices...

  5. Cowboy Builder

    Cowboy Builder New Member

    In these hard times don't bother with B&Q use your local builders merchant and pay cash you will beat B&Q prices every time and if they don't want to play ball take your trade elsewhere ..."Cash is King ".
  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Dunno but it's nice now they have banned dafty DIY'ers and crinklies on Wednesdays!
  7. zookeeper

    zookeeper New Member

    says who?
  8. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    Well I got aletter from Trade Point today, they are holding onto any discount earned over the previous 12 months if it's not worth £50.

    I have £46 so I am effectively being forced to buy something to earn £4 in discount to get my £46.

    Can you imagine Tesco doing this and getting away with it ??

    No telephone number on the letter to call them either, B & Q ?? more like Pee & Poo :-(((((
  9. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    I quite like the new set up. Good products, in stock ( unlike Screwfix TC's) no more oldies clogging up the tills. All in all 9/10 so far!
  10. Barn Raiser

    Barn Raiser New Member

    B&Q tradecounters and screwfix use the same catalogue.
    They are the same company.
  11. G Brown

    G Brown New Member


    They are both separate trading companies owned and run by Kingfisher. The catalogues are NOT the same and the big difference is B&Q keep things in stock!
  12. Barn Raiser

    Barn Raiser New Member

    The catalogues are the same,even the photography is identical. The B&Q one is in a different format though.
  13. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    lad in trade point today said they were screwfix.
  14. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    'cept things is coded to show if its in their picking area or help yerself ;)
  15. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member


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    Re: B & Q trade discount card
    Posted: Jul 12, 2010 4:29 PM

    says who?

    Says B&Q Tradepoint thats who! And very nice it is too!

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