[b]Safetyshield 170 & 270[/b]

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Brookstersparkz, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Brookstersparkz

    Brookstersparkz New Member

    Hello Kaintheo

    now that i have the feed back, the reason is that on all ours sites in Bradford & Sheffield we are being instructed to use them by all three major building contractors as part of our Health & Safety Plan on all occupied refurbishments when carrying out full re-wires and upgrades.

    so it was interesting for the comments, these Builing Contractors which are in partnership with local authorities and Trust's carryout works in hundreds of properties a week and it is the Health & Safety aspect that is pushing for the use.
  2. kaintheo

    kaintheo New Member

    What major building contractors are they.

    It just sounds like they paying health ans safety lip service.

    Sometimes a product cant replace a managing and control measure.
  3. sparkin!

    sparkin! New Member

    Cannot believe, this post still in contention!
    WhEn a MoNkEy PlaStErEr, dEsTrOyS, tHe oUtLeT, wItH, *****,AnD CaUsEs, cOnGeStIoN, WiThIn ThE OuTlEt, ThEn, YoU wIlL, hAvE tO cHaNgE iT!
    Safety shield, it up your ??????????????:)
    A ridiculous, venture!
  4. Walo

    Walo New Member


    and even if its not SPAM its not a neccesary product in any way shape or form,

    as the man says,

    1st fix
    2nd fix
    Go home

    job done :)

  5. dselec

    dselec New Member

    yeah i agree just another thingthe main contractor has been conned in to adding to the spec to add to the cost and i bet they are a tw**t to fit stright

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