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    looking for constructive advice. Recently had back boiler replaced with a combo boiler. Noticed pressure dropping, installer came out and found leak where it was capped off in fire place. Later found additional leak from compression joint below pipe where a TRV had been fitted which I put down to the movement off fitting TRV (water leaked through ceiling).

    Installer came out replaced some pipe work in fire place and replaced a compression joint with soldered joint with new pipe to TRV.

    Happy days until I was sent a bill for this work when queried told replacing old pipe work not part of the original work. My uneducated opinion is these are issues part of the install, in my line of work a contingency budget for unexpected costs is factored in to quote.

    have I got this completely wrong and should just pay up?

    many thanks.
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    Fixing issues with an old system is not part of the install so I think they are extras
  3. The leak in fire place, I'm presuming was done as part of the install, if it was me personally I wouldn't charge and would then suck the other repair up as good will as an issue was also with my workmanship. If it was just a leak on old pipework then I would invoice but on the quote and original invoice I state that when sealing a system issues with old pipework may appear and may include extra work.

    Hope it helps
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    from a contractual point of view it is better to put limitations of scope in the quotation. There is then implied acceptance of limitations when the customer instructs you. Leaving it to the invoice stage is much harder to defend.
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    Really useful thanks, think the key words are good will.

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