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  1. Daniel P

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    I have a shower that I'm currently fitting, however have become confused. I know that often there are brackets that can be recessed into the wall, and then the mixer attached to these, however the supplied fittings I have are 1/2" male and I can't seem to find female brackets to accept them?

    The instructions I received with the shower state that I need to screw the adapters on first, and then the mixer simply push fits to these and is tightened with grub screws. I just don't know what to fit the connectors to in the first place. The only thing I can think of would be to connect these to a 15mm x 1/2" female coupler which runs off my plumbing, but not sure if that's correct?

    The mixer weighs about 5kg also so not sure it would be safe supported on just the plumbing.

    Attached pictures of the adapters and them fitted to the mixer

    IMG_20180711_111101.jpg IMG_20180711_111133.jpg

    Please help o_O
  2. dobbie

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    You could fit two of these.
    [​IMG]wall plate elbows,you can also get endfeed ones.
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  3. Daniel P

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    Thanks. That looks a good option, I'll just have to try recess them into the wall so the mixer lays flush.

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