Bare plaster Vinyl matt mistake

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    Hi All,

    Well as you probably guessed from the title I've gone and mist coated my new plastered walls with Dulux Vinyl Matt, I watered down with 30% water. I realised my mistake and did a bit of a scrape test and it does indeed flake/ splinter off. Some areas seem fairly well adhered and some not so much. It doesn't come off in sheets. More like small splinters. I bought an Olfa scraper with a flexi blade with the intent to take it all off, but I'm realising thats going to take a long time. It's a whole kitchen and ceiling.
    Any tricks to resolving this situation? I was thinking of hiring a drywall sander. Keying up the vinyl matt, even to the plaster if possible. then going back over with super matt. I'm trying to save myself an issue further down the road.
    What do you all think?
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