Basement level of house leaking - Please Can Someone Help!!

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by malkymckay, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. malkymckay

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    Hello all, really hope someone can help, i am trying anything now as been ripped off by so many tradesmen over the past two years, i have a 7 year old 'townhouse' style house, built onto the side of a banking, top level is visible on roadside to the front with the other two levels visible from the back, so in short from the front the middle and basement level are under ground, and from the back the basement level is under ground from the window down about another meter, both sides in this basement are therefor mostly underground also, beginning of last year got a joiner into lay flooring in basement , when he lifted carpet there was loads of areas of black mold all over the floor, he lifted a section of floor boards and there was water underneath, i got the full floor lifted with was a concrete floor, with kingspan directly on top of it,then floorboards directly on top of that all packed together, the tradesman i got in was a damp proof expert who said the external tanking system had failed, he said he know how to fix it and said it would take four weeks work, after eight months, he had applied three layers of tanking slurry to the walls inside, put everything back together then three weeks later i felt water under the flooring again, we lifted it all again to find the place soaking again, i sent him packing and back to square one, after getting drawings etc we found out the house had a 'new' system when being built where between the bricks they inserted plastic brackets which would hold the insulation in the inside of the house, these brackets may be leaking as i was finding water in these when stripping back walls, or could it be a build up of condensation over the years? i would have thought this type of system would cause the joins between brickwork to be weaker than normal?

    i have had more and more people out and had advice from pump systems to egg shell like waterproofing systems, so basically i let the water in and control in from the inside

    i have also recently had another tradesman get me to buy four 15kg drums of liquid dpm to paint on the concrete floors

    i have over the last six weeks watched for water coming in and there is only really one section which is a support wall in the middle of the room with a seepage of water running in at a slow rate

    don't know where to turn next of who to trust cause everyone says something different and all i want is honesty, been looking at MasterSeal 590 if anyone has heard of this

    hopefully someone can help me even this hell
  2. Mosaix

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    I'm certainly no expert in any of the areas you have mentioned but, surely, for a 7 year old house the original builder should be putting things right free of charge?
  3. malkymckay

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    i eventually managed to track him down, he just said the house was dry when he handed it over, its not covered, and only had a six year architectural warranty which ran out not long after we moved in
  4. Mr John Melvin

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    Its a long time since I was on building sites.
    But I always though it was 10 years from that point of view.
    6 years seems a very poor situation.
    Maybe PUSH on that 6 year side.
    The architect should be ashamed of himself.
    Water is a B to get controlled.
    I will be intersted in any further suggestions

    Johnny M

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