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  1. Shaunyb

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    Hi guys, after some decking advice please...

    I’m planning a deck 6.5m x 6 m made from composite boards. It will be largely ground level, although my garden slopes slightly so will be raised about 300mm at one end. It’s also going to go between the side of my house and my fence. So I’m planning on fixing the joists to the house and fence by bolts/screw.

    I was planning on having 400mm spacing between joists. And using paving slaps under joists to support.

    Questions are:
    1. Are 4x2” joists sufficient or will I need 6x2”?
    2. Is 400mm the right spacing between joists?
    3. What should the distance between noggings be?
    4. Given largely ground based I’m assuming I don’t need any concreted posts, is that ok?

    Thanks in advance guys.
  2. mr moose

    mr moose Active Member

    Watch out with those composite boards if they are a mixture of wood flour and plastic. They can rot and warp.
    400mm centers are pretty standard, but your manufacturer will advise for your boards.
    Personally I would be concreting some posts in at the 300mm side and regarding 2x4 v 2x6 it just depends on how much support there getting underneath.
    With a deck that size it's worth buying a decent book on the subject.
  3. mr moose

    mr moose Active Member

    One other thing, if your fixing to your fence posts, are they new posts or been up for years?

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