Basic milling machine?

Discussion in 'Engineers' Talk' started by Brad, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Brad

    Brad New Member

    I'm hoping someone can recommend a light duty/hobbiest manual milling machine.

    It's main purpose would be machining copper and aluminium for use in watercooling PC components and creating parts for custom cases. (Although, I'm sure once I've got it I'll find other uses for it).

  2. severn

    severn New Member

    2 definite suppliers
    Machine Mart good but expensive
    Axminster Power Tools much better value
    1 possible but I don't have current catalogue
    Northern Tool & Equipment UK This web site is I think the American parent but would probably redirect If not the UK address is 2 Keel Close Portsmouth PO3 5QD sorry don't have tel no.
    Good luck!
  3. severn

    severn New Member

    update on Northern Tool
    UK details tel 0800 169 2266
    they have a 3-in-1 machine lathe, drill and miller at quite a competitive price
  4. Brad

    Brad New Member

    That's great, I'll check those out. Thanks.
    Anybody have any others?
  5. DP

    DP New Member

    Brad, try J & L Industrial Supplies. They have an good range of machines but one that would fit your purpose is about £1,200 and is fairly all singing all dancing. Their contact number is: 0800 663355. It would be well worth requesting to be put on their mailing list to receive the monthly special offers. Best of luck......Dave

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