Bath 22mm or 15mm?

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    I'm Fitting a bath for someone tomorrow where previously they didn't have one it was a shower cubicle only and my question is.... I'm going to have to feed the bath of the basin hot n cold supply's and its not a combi boiler it's a copper cylinder gravity set up.... for the hot can I use 15mm all way to Bath or should I use to 22 as this it what you see usually on non combi set ups for the better flow etc? I'd have thought 15 is fine but interested in other peoples opinion? ... Thanks
  2. Hans_25

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    If its not pumped then it should be 22mm from the hot water cylinder.
  3. dobbie

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    For someone who says they have been plumbing 15 years, that is a frightening question to be asking when going to work in someones house.
    That is basic plumbing, that a first year apprentice would even know.
    I pity the home owners.
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  4. Heat

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    22mm entire pipe run from hot and cold tanks to bath taps.
    15mm no use for gravity supplies to baths, not an opinion but just physics.
  5. Hans_25

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    Yeh its pretty basic stuff. Not sure OP has mentioned he's been in business 15 years, but its something any plumber worth their salt should know. I'd even use 22mm for a bath on a pumped supply (I did and I have).

    My bath takes a little over 2 mins to fill to a reasonable depth, without a pump it would take an age.
  6. dobbie

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    Have a read here, how can you go to install unvented if you do not know how to install gravity.
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    Just tell the customer the bath fill rate will be reduced but its possible to improve dual h&c flow if they opt for an unvented system. Hey its 2020 just give the customer 3 options and if they chose the basic (1) system and they are expecting system (3) well its their fault.

    SO many companies allow the consumer/payment person so many different contracts in utilities & insurance etc but the customer is always wrong when choosing the cheaper option.

    What went wrong in England,i rest my rose :(
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